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Adopting a New Kitty


Many people come to me with the question of how to introduce a new cat into the household where there is an existing cat. It’s a time that can determine, from the outset, how your cats will perceive each other and get along for the rest of their lives, so it’s critical that you understand how to do it before you ever bring your new little one into the house.

First of all, many people think they can bring them in and keep them separated for a day, and all will be well. This is NOT the case. 1 day, 2 days, even 3 days is way too short of a time. The last time we did it, I think the vet recommendation was a good two weeks. That’s hard, but you need to do it way longer than a day. For one thing, you need to make sure that the kitten has no hidden communicable diseases that might show up.

You need to give them plenty of time, day after day, and night after night, to sniff each other under the door and get accustomed to each other’s smells and the idea that this is not temporary, but this is someone they’re going to smell every day, every day. This is especially important for the established cat.

Once you’ve given them a few days to do that, start bringing the kitten out by hand, one person holding the kitten on the floor, the other the cat and let them look at each other from a distance. Do this several times throughout the day. After that when you do it, let them get a little closer and closer, still holding them, until you can let them get close enough without hissing to smell each other. (Again, this is more for the cat than the kitten.) (If you live alone, either bring in a friend to help you, or just hold the new cat and let the established cat take his or her time coming up to sniff.)

Once that has been accomplished, start letting the kitten out to run around, for very short periods of time, when you are home and can watch over things. Let the kitten investigate, by this time, hopefully, the cat will look at it with curiosity, rather than jealousy and animosity. Again, do this several times throughout the day, extending the number of times/day every day, and the length of time out as you go. Doing it this way, you are increasing the chances of their getting along. The transition has been gradual and monitored.

Make sure during that time that you spend plenty of time in the bathroom (or a spare bedroom if you have one — that’s even better) with the kitten giving it plenty of love and attention, as well as giving extra attention to the established cat. If there are two of you, don’t both go in to spend time with the kitten together. Each needs to feel loved, not excluded.

Remember that there is no “set time limit” to do this. It will depend on how quickly the cats (or cat) adjust. You don’t want to rush it. You need to use your intuition and be highly conscious of their emotions and reactions and let those guide the time apart or together, rather than having any kind of set time limit. For instance, if you feel in a shorter time that they are doing well and can take more time or more contact, move closer or to the next step. But if the cat is still hissing and such, you need to move more slowly.

I think our last two it was a week and a half before the kitten was out and about a large amount of the time, maybe two weeks by the time he started sleeping with us, maybe a little less. But it’s really important to take as much time as it takes so they have a good relationship.

I remember it being really hard to try to take so long, the kitten really wanted out of the bedroom, but our cats are *great* friends now, so it was worth it.

Introducing cats takes a lot of effort, care and being in tune with how the animals are reacting and feeling. Make sure you plan out, in advance, how you will introduce them and you can foster a long and loving relationship between them. Congrats on your new addition. May you all live together in peace, harmony and happiness for many, many years to come.

Ask Caat: Animal Communication


3286How do we know when we actually connect with an animal? Is it different for everyone? I’ve tried to remember what I was feeling when I got a correct “reading” but this hasn’t worked very well for me. Do any of you get any specific feeling when you really connect with an animal?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you how I do it. I use vibrations. I visualize the animal, then I visualize a sort of radio dial. I tweek that radio dial until I feel like I am “in tune” vibrationally with the animal. There is a definite ‘vibrational convergence’ that I feel when I’ve connected.

This sounds dumb….how accurate do we need to be before we can become a professional communicator? It seems like most clients want very specific answers instead of generalizations about their animals that they already know (like he seems energetic, friendly…)

Not dumb. This is a tough question. You are probably more accurate than you think you are. I heard something the other day about knowing and practicing things. The guy said, ‘people practice for confidence, more than to learn how to do it.’ Or something like that.

I believe that the practice is not only to connect with the animal, but to learn how to interact with people who don’t understand the process, 487px-Ocicat-playingand to be confident enough that when they are saying ‘no’, you can know when or when not to say … “Yes!” There’s a strength in the things that I feel. Some things are a weaker feeling, where I know I may be on the periphery of something, but I’m not quite locking in. Other things, however, are very, very clear. I think I mentioned recently about a cat showing me a sink. No matter how many times the parents said ‘no’, I kept seeing that sink. Trust yourself. I had to go through several incarnations of describing it in certain ways to them, adding more detail each time, before they said, “oh, yes, there’s a sink in there.” (THANK you!)

Part of your job is to educate your clients before a reading. Some you talk to and understand they get it already, some you have to give them specifics. Wasn’t it you who saw a blue house or something with a dog on the forum? Actually three communicators saw something blue. It wasn’t until I mentioned alternatives to his mom that she recognized a couple of different things that he might have been speaking about. Whatever it was, he sure did want to get that color across. So a lot of it is just the practice of knowing how to present the information in the face of a negative response. Most people don’t do it intentionally, they just don’t know. Of course there will always be the “No, no, no-ers’ but they aren’t worth the time anyway. It doesn’t matter how accurate you are, they won’t believe you.

Again, confidence is the key. And don’t discount the things you give them that they already know. Those are the most important because those are the things that show your accuracy to them. I make sure to tell my clients not to tell me anything about the personality of the pet, for precisely that reason. forumI lock into the personality (or canineality, or felinality per se) first, so that we establish I am talking to their child. Once you get past that point, the parents tend to relax a bit. It’s those little tidbits of “known items” that you want to throw in every once in a while during the reading, to keep them – and you – understanding that you are connected. That’s what validations are for, and why the animal communication practice forum is so valuable.

How can I transition from doing my readings by sitting quietly by myself/meditating/calling in my helpers then reporting back to the clients, to doing on the spot phone communications? It must take a lot of practice.

There are a lot of communicators who don’t do phone communications. They get the info beforehand and simply talk to the animal alone, take notes, and report back over the phone later. How you choose to do it is up to you. It is a good idea, however, to try your hand at phone readings with friends or whoever, to get the feel of it and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Is there any where to practice finding lost animals? This is really interesting to me.

Well, that’s a good thing to be interested in, because it’s the hardest thing you can do as a communicator, and not many people like to do them. I don’t. I have done them, but I hate it. We don’t do that on the forum because people are really in grief. I think if you really want to do it, the universe will present you with the opportunity or, you can take lessons with someone who specializes in it.

Great questions. I believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with animals and if anyone has the drive and the desire to become professional, they will surely succeed. #


Getting your first cat

Someone asked advise about getting a cat for the first time: Here are some salient points every cat parent should be aware of:
Hey! Congrats on your new cat.
Here are some tips to remember:

1. Keep all lilies out of the house. They are highly toxic and can kill your cat within days.

2. Do not feed your cat onions, garlic, chocolate … those are the biggies, but there are many others. Go online and download a list of do’s and don’ts as far as what cats can eat. To be on the safe side, don’t feed them human food.

3. Feed him/her GOOD food. I prefer a company called Natura which makes a food called EVO. I like this company because, aside from being natural (Truly natural, not Purina natural) 😉 – they were one of the few companies that did not use the Menu Foods processing plant that killed so many kitties. They are meticulous on their standards and I believe the get none of their product from China. Wet food is better for them, get some natural hard treats or an occasional dry food to keep their teeth clean. I wouldn’t go for raw right now, since you are new to kitty guardianship. Evo is a great food. We use the original formula.

4. Get pet insurance: Pet Plan — This is a great company, good rates, and I think will insure pets under 9 years old, but you’ll have to check. I’ve had three claims with them and they were swift and professional. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

5. Cats don’t usually drink that much water unless you’re feeding them dry food. If you see them drinking A LOT, tell your vet. But, by all means, change his/her water every day and wipe out the bowl or it starts to get slimy.

725px-tuxedo_kitten6. Watch to make sure s/he doesn’t have a propensity for eating things like string or tinsel or thread or curling ribbon. It can get stuck in their intestines causing blockages that require surgery. (Did I mention I’ve had several claims paid on Pet Plan?) 😉

7. Everybody has a different view on this one, but I am in the “indoor cat” camp. My cats are happy kids indoors, and there are just too many dangers outside these days depending on where you live – from cars to coyotes. There is a company that makes outdoor enclosures that my cats just love, it’s called KittyWalk. I think it’s KittyWalk

8. And finally, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES let anyone convince you that is okay to declaw your cat!!!! IT IS NOT!!! Declawing a cat is literally amputating it’s fingers at the knuckles. It’s cruel and inhumane. If you have a problem with the idea of cats clawing, then you need not to get a cat.

There are several options to prevent them from clawing things you would rather not have them claw: one is called SoftPaws They are little things you put on their claws. I’ve never used them, but some people like them. What I do is trim their claws (I would like to say regularly, but I do not) and get a cat tree and sisal scratch pad. Cats absolutely love cat trees and will use them to scratch and relax. The two scratch pads I like are these:

turbo-round-scratcherRound Turbo Toy My cats have always loved this, but I guess it might depend on the cat:

Flat Sisal Hanging Scratch Post — but don’t hang it, lay it down next to your couch, or wherever you see might be a problem for them scratching. It’s worked miracles for me.

My cats also love this one:
Cardboard scratch post

Well, I guess that’s about all (and by gosh, don’t you think it ought to be???) 😉

I hope this helps. Have a long and happy life with your new family addition.

All best,

What is Twittering?

twitter-bluebirdOccasionally I see a new person on twitter saying the same things I did when I first started twittering. “What do you do with this thing?” “It seems so useless.” “What do I write?”

What follows is a conversation I had with my husband over the first couple of days I started twittering.

Him: We need to tweet or die.
Me: What?
Him: We need to tweet. I’m sending you an article on it.
Me. I have an account, I watch the guy on CNN, but I don’t get it.
Him: What don’t you get?
Me: What do people tweet about? What do I care if someone is going to the store?
Him: I’m sending the article. Tweet or die.
Me: Somebody’s “following” me.
Him: Who?
Me: I don’t know, a doctor somebody. She’s following me. I don’t get it. What does she care if I’m going to the store or not?
Him: Well, it’s like having a conversation with someone in a room. Not everything is a pearl. You sit in a room with someone and you tell them, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
Me: I don’t get it.
Me: I’m pathetic.
Him: What?
Me: I’m a pathetic human being and it’s all your fault.
Him: Oh dear god. What did I do?
Me: You said that we need to “tweet or die”
Him: Oh, and your tweeting?
Me: YES! It’s pathetic!
Him: I thought you thought it was stupid?
Me: It IS stupid!
Him: But you’re doing it.
Me: Yes! And you tell me “tweet or die, tweet or die” then you don’t tweet!
Him: So you’ve been tweeting all day?
Me: Well no, not all day, but enough to make me pathetic. Enough to say, “Hey, how come nobody’s tweeting?” I have 6 followers you know.
Him: Well, that’s impressive.
Me: Yeah, but the one person I should be tweeting with won’t tweet with me!
Him: Who’s that?
Me: Grace.
Him: Grace won’t tweet with you? Why not?
Me: Because she’s too busy on Facebook.
Him: Well you know, there’s software now that will send all your tweets to your facebook page.
Me: Silence.
Me: That’s pathetic.
Him: You knew it had to come, didn’t you?
Me: I have to go. I don’t know how I have time to feed the cats when I need to be tweeting. I’ll talk to you later.
I’m so pathetic. I”m a pathetic human being. 😉

Can you talk to two animals at the same time?


Sometimes I get confused when I talk to my guinea pigs since i have two is it possible to talk to both of them at the same time?

You can talk to two animals at the same time. It’s funny sometimes because, sometimes I’ll be talking to one animal and the other will just jump in! They’re like people in that respect, some can be very polite and wait their turn, others have just so much to say and they can’t wait to say it!

Also does your pet know everything that goes on in your head?

That’s a good question. Your pet hears you when you are speaking to them with intent. Think of it this way, you know when you’re at a party and a lot of people are talking? Well, if they’re not talking to you, you don’t really listen or take much notice, but if they are specifically talking to you, you tune in and listen. It’s sort of like that. animal communication

That said, animals can pick up on your energies, and they do understand what you say to them when you speak out loud to them. So if you’re obsessing, for example, on some negative thought, they will pick up on that and you can see it in the way they behave. but I think the main thing is when you speak to them with intent, either vocally or telepathically, they listen. If you’re just going along with your day, well, hey! They have their own thoughts to be busy with! Hope that helps. 🙂

Is Clairvoyance Dangerous?


“I find that I have fears of being clairvoyant. And it’s kind of odd as to what I’m afraid of. With animals, I have no problem attempting to communicate with one who has passed on. ghost_painting But I find that I have fears of seeing people who have passed on. I’m sure that the images of all the ghost movies that I’ve seen over the course of my life has something to do with it, not that I’ve seen a lot of them.

Maybe it was as [you] mentioned …. how humans are “conditional” and animals are not. I know that animals are pure good and don’t have hidden agendas like a lot of humans do. Maybe I’m afraid of their potential hidden agendas harming me and that’s why I’m afraid to see them, and therefore creating clairvoyant blocks for myself.

[Do you] have any ideas as to how I can lessen these fears? Can [you] tell me what the souls of people look like to them? Are they scary and gruesome like some of the scary movies? I guess this is something that I want to work on.”

Good question. First of all, I do — absolutely — believe your fears are based on Hollywood’s depiction of ‘ghosts.’ Most people with any type of experience in the area don’t even like the word, we prefer the word ‘spirits.’

Second of all, you already are clairvoyant. When you speak with an animal and you get a vision of what they are communicating, you are using clairvoyance. When you get a feeling, you are using ‘clair-sentience.’ When you hear sounds, you are using ‘clairaudience.’ It doesn’t just have to do with people who have passed on, clairvoyance is anytime you “see” something via telepathic means.

You use that sense to communicate with animals. I use that sense when I read someone’s cards. John Edward uses that sense — that “sixth sense” – when he communicates with beings who have crossed over.

Now, another thing to remember, is what I said in a previous post about animals, unconditional love, and humans and judgement, this is based on what these being’s lives were like when they walked the earth. When spirits communicate with us from the other side, they do so by using an energy that we can easily understand, and the energy that we understand is how they were on this earth. But the etherial body is not something to fear and is not necessarily based in human or animal form.

Many cultures believe, as do I, that when we reincarnate, we can reincarnate as other types of beings. angel_sunFor humans to believe that they are the superior species is highly egotistical, something that is unique to human beings. Other species don’t have that type of ego. Personally, I believe that makes them superior to us in many ways … certainly much more spiritual.

Because we have brains, we have let our telepathy skills shrivel up and die, to the point that, as you said in a previous post, we beat it out of our kids. But, really, which is the more superior being with respect to being ‘closer to spirit?’ Certainly, this is a debatable question, but one worthy of discussion.

You have seen spirits, I’m sure. Have you ever had anyone close to you die: a person or an animal? Have they ever come to you in a dream? When I saw James Van Praagh speak, one thing he said was that is the most common way spirits communicate with us. However, outside of that, when people do ‘see’ a spirit, that spirit is going to present itself in the way you can best recognize it.

A friend of my mom’s saw the spirit of my father once. My mom wasn’t in the room, the friend had never met my father but described him to my mom, down to the type of shirt he had, one that she recognized from life, and the unique way he stood with his finger crooked in his pocket.

Most spirits are not out to hurt anyone. The type of spirits that John Edward communicates with, and I hope to communicate with as a medium, are spirits who have crossed over. They have lived their life here and have other things to do on the other side. Many times, those other things include helping us as spirit guides. (Spirit guides have lived a physical life, angels have not.) The ones most depicted in the movies, and the ones who are most well-known as “ghosts,” are spirits who have become confused in some way during their passing.

For instance, if a person is violently murdered ‘before his/her time’ (which is a theory debatable in and of itself) they may not realize they are dead. When this happens, that spirit’s soul gets “caught” in a sort of ‘no man’s land’ between this physical dimension and the dimension on the other side. Most times they may haunt places that are familiar to them and which comfort them. The best thing a medium can do for them is to help them understand that they are dead and help them move on into the light.

Think “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. It’s like that. Only in that way, they portrayed it as a spirit which stayed to help a loved one. Not impossible, but very Hollywood. That’s the drama. In reality, yes, there are a lot of spirits that walk the earth because they don’t know they are no longer in physical body, but when you hear about ‘mediums,’ many are connecting with people who have ‘crossed over’ rather than finding those who haven’t.

There is really no reason to be afraid of connecting with spirits. There are certainly energies out there that can be harmful, but that is why all psychics, as you probably do with AC, have some sort of protection ritual. nebula We surround ourselves with protective white light so that we allow only positive energies to connect with us.

OTOH, we have all had the experience of “psychic vampires.’ These might be people in the physical world who suck you dry of your energy! I bet you know people like that! One really good book, if I remember correctly, which addressed the fear that you speak of is a book called, So You Want To Be A Medium. That type of fear is sort of like the stigma of the Ouija Board. The board and using it isn’t dangerous, what is dangerous is people using it when they have not protected themselves properly, and when they believe so strongly that it is dangerous, that they create and draw in the energy that they fear most.

Remember that energy is energy. You need to protect yourself from bad energy from people in the physical world every bit as much as those in the spirit world. I’d go more into psychic vampires, but maybe that’s a subject for another post

Suffice is to say, you are in control of what energy you allow into your life just like you are in control of who walks into your house. You wouldn’t just leave your doors opened or unlocked all the time, would you? Of course not. So this is what psychics and mediums — and animal communicators — do. We surround ourselves with protective light because we are opening a door to our psyches and our souls. We are in control of who we invite in and who we do not.

Anyway, this is a big subject for a small post, but hopefully I’ve put your mind at ease somewhat. As far as what you might do, I really suggest the John Edward book (One Last Time It’s really interesting. I couldn’t put it down.

How exciting for you, though, that you are opening a new door in your life to learn about things you never knew before. For me, that’s what living is all about. It’s such fun. I hope I helped.


If you’d like to practice animal communication, visit
Spiritcaat’s Tarot and Animal Communication Practice Forum

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Court Cards as Self

A question was asked about identifying with court cards.

Answer: Personally I relate to the Knight of Cups, even though I’m female. I find this person to be outgoing, friendly and sensitive. I feel as though I am genuine and and I’m an emotional person. I feel like the Knight of Cups embodies all of those qualities.knight-of-cups

I rarely compare court cards on physical similarities, I know some people do, but I feel that to be very limiting. I also don’t confine myself to reading court cards only as people. Sometimes it’s the essence of the card or the card’s personality that is in the forefront. Vision of the Future, Vision of the Past on this blog is a good example of a court card read for a wide range of people.

Clearly that is not meant to represent the ‘personality’ of every person reading the interpretation, but it does use the essence of the card’s personality to present a message to a large mass of people.

Understanding the Court is a good book on court card interpretation. It’s the 5th one down on the page. It is a bit more advanced, so if you’re a beginner, I don’t think I’d recommend it, but I liked it. I don’t use all of it, for instance, I don’t use significators (which is very close to what you’re asking) but it did open up some interesting insights on the personalities of the cards.

One last thing, I read the court cards for years without assigning ‘people’ to them. When I read this book and opened that option for myself, I realized that the qualities & meanings I had been assigning the cards with were not any different than what I was being presented with as new material. It wasn’t new, it was just from a different perspective.

Keep all of your options open when reading the court. They are difficult cards to wrap your mind around, but like any other card in the deck, you just need to develop a ‘relationship’ with them. The more you do that, the more you will recognize which ones are most like you and which ones are not.

Hope this helps.

(If you have a question you’d like answered, please contact me or post it on Spiritcaat Tarot & Metaphysical Forum)