Can you talk to two animals at the same time?


Sometimes I get confused when I talk to my guinea pigs since i have two is it possible to talk to both of them at the same time?

You can talk to two animals at the same time. It’s funny sometimes because, sometimes I’ll be talking to one animal and the other will just jump in! They’re like people in that respect, some can be very polite and wait their turn, others have just so much to say and they can’t wait to say it!

Also does your pet know everything that goes on in your head?

That’s a good question. Your pet hears you when you are speaking to them with intent. Think of it this way, you know when you’re at a party and a lot of people are talking? Well, if they’re not talking to you, you don’t really listen or take much notice, but if they are specifically talking to you, you tune in and listen. It’s sort of like that. animal communication

That said, animals can pick up on your energies, and they do understand what you say to them when you speak out loud to them. So if you’re obsessing, for example, on some negative thought, they will pick up on that and you can see it in the way they behave. but I think the main thing is when you speak to them with intent, either vocally or telepathically, they listen. If you’re just going along with your day, well, hey! They have their own thoughts to be busy with! Hope that helps. 🙂

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