Mediumship Reading Tips

Mediumship Reading Tips

To get the most out of your reading, there are some things to keep in mind before having your mediumship reading.

  • Set and intention of one person (no more than two) you’d like to speak with
    • That person may or may not show up, but if you invite them to join us, that intention puts the energy out so it may be easier for them to come through. However…
  • Keep an open mind

    • Be open to anyone coming through
    • Don’t miss the information that does come through by being focused on hearing from only one person, or one thing from one specific person
    • Do not ask your loved one ahead of time, “To prove it’s you, bring up [fill in the blank].” ‘Testing’ me will only block the process.
  • Don’t give me too much information
    • Just validate with “yes”, “no”, or a specific answer
    • Don’t add information not directly related to the question or statement
  • Think carefully before you say, “No.”
    • Anyone can come through, at any time, no matter who I’m speaking with at the moment. A better response, so you don’t shut down the energy, is, “It doesn’t make sense to me now, but I will write it down and think about it.”
  • Don’t try to control the reading
    • Spirit will decide who comes through, not you and not me
  • Write a reference list before your reading
    • Include close and distant family and friends and even friends of friends who have passed on
    • Write down names and any special dates you can think of: birthdays, anniversaries, dates of death, etc.
  • Be prepared to take copious notes
    • There may be things that you can’t immediately validate
    • Later on, something may come to you, or family or friends may validate things you were unaware of
  • Do not expect your passed relatives to ‘tell you what to do.’
    • Our lessons are ours alone to learn
    • Mediumship readings are a gift from our passed loved ones to confirm that they are with us always
  • When I ask for questions near the end of the reading, ask only the people who have come through
    • Don’t ask for additional people to come through. If they were suppose to, they would have. Focus on the people who do come through, not who hasn’t.
  • Most of all, remember that a spirit communication is borne out of love
    • Spirits work very hard to contact you through me
    • Open your heart and mind to whatever it is they decide to communicate to you

For greater insight into mediumship and psychic readings, please read my blog posts “Learning to be a Medium” and “Psychic Accuracy.”

I look forward to speaking with you and your loved ones.