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Reindeer as a Spirit Guide


Journey, Safe Travels, Wandering, Strength, Endurance, ‘Going the Distance’

When Reindeer crosses your path:
~ The long journey you’ve been on, be it spiritual or emotional, is coming to an end and you will soon reap the rewards
~ If your journey seems long and arduous, the emotional support you seek from others will assist you in succeeding
~ While the road ahead of you may seem dark, you have a great ability to go long distances

Think about Reindeer:
They wander and have the strength and endurance to travel long distances. They retain their personal power while remaining confident in allowing social group support.

Call on Reindeer energy when:

— You need strength and endurance in moving forward and ‘going the distance’
~ You feel the need to wander, and want protection in doing so
~ You want to keep your social ties strong while retaining your personal power

Reindeer medicine teaches us:

~ That we have the strength and endurance to make great strides both spiritually and emotionally
~ That we can be mobile, adapt to new surroundings, yet retain our personal power

Tarot Card Correspondence:
The Chariot

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