Tarot and Mediumship Training


6 Sessions

In this class, you will learn about the structure of the cards, including the suits, court cards and an understanding of the major and minor arcana. You will also learn detailed reading techniques and learn a system of reading the cards rather than trying to memorize each card individually.

This is essentially a beginning class, but I list it as both beginning and intermediate, because many people who already have had experience with the tarot, who have taken the class, say they found new intermediate skills and a different take on reading than they have had in other classes.

Required Book: Every Day Tarot: A Choice Centered Book
Required Deck: Rider Waite Clone

Next class starts: CANCELLED
Sept 19th, 2022 for 6 weeks (Mondays/Wednesdays)
Beginning/Intermediate Tarot Online via Zoom
Cost: $175 ($145 Early Bird – one month prior)
Prior students can re-take the class for $35
Time: 3:30pm Pacific Time
Space is limited.

How Courses are Conducted

Unlike many other online classes, these classes are live and interactive through Zoom (and have been since far before the pandemic.)  In other words, I will not simply give you reading material, or a video link, send you a couple of emails and call it an online class. We do, in fact, meet at a particular time via Zoom. You will interact with myself and your classmates as you would an in-person class. I will lecture, and you will do readings and exercises with your classmates.

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is available for all classes I teach via webcam or phone.

In individual tutoring, we can cover what the classes cover, or customize the training to address your specific needs, concerns, problems or interests.

If you are interested in information on any of these, please contact me.

Lisa did a Tarot card reading to help me explore the roots of my overeating issues. Together, Lisa and the cards went straight to childhood events that taught me to seek comfort in food. With this new clarity, I am working on making changes. ~ Joni, San Diego

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