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Animal Spirit Guide: Elephant


Key words:
— Peaceful, Strength, Power, Loyalty, Affection, Deep Compassion, Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom

Think about Elephant:
elephantsThey are the largest land animal, strong & powerful, but they are extraordinarily loyal & emotional. Baby elephants will help their younger brothers & sisters; adult elephants will help their ill friends in their herds. Elephants live in a structured society.

Because of their poor eyesight, they are acutely aware with their other senses. In the 2004 tsunami, elephants knew long before the wave hit and retreated to high ground. Elephants are even known to visit the grounds where other elephant are buried and grieve. They have a deep seated compassion & connection with the divine.

When Elephant crosses your path:

— Help those weaker or less fortunate than yourself
— Trust your senses; If something smells ‘fishy’, back away
— Re-examine your loyalty to those closest to you

Use Elephany Medicine to:

— Connect with your higher self and the divine
— You need more strength and vitality
— You are feeling alone & in need of a sense of family and community

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