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by Lisa Larson

candle-starfilterComing to the realization that it will soon be time for your fur-child to move onto the other side is one of the hardest things we, as committed and loving pet parents, can go through.

As a long time animal communicator, whose specialty is speaking with animals in spirit, there are things we can do that will ease the transition for both you and your fur child.

The following list has been compiled from both personal experience with my own animals, as well as years of helping clients through the process, and helping them to make the difficult decision of how and when to assist our fur babies transition to the other side.

Consider Euthanasia

First of all, we need to understand something very fundamental when our animal is ill. When we adopt an animal, we adopted them for better for worse, and we took on the responsibility to make certain decisions for them, and about them, as their physical caretaker. In that, we need to talk about euthanasia.

Euthanasia is perhaps the one and only right animals have that humans do not: the right to die with dignity. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that if you let an animal die of natural causes, it will be painless and peaceful. While that may or may not be true in some instances, I can tell you from personal experience, it is not true across the board. I had the unfortunate experience of watching a family member’s cat die a horrible, miserable, death because his human mom would not make the decision to help him cross. It is one of my biggest regrets in my life that I did not encourage her more strongly. From a professional standpoint, I have never, ever, spoken to an animal in the last stages of life who told me they wanted to pass naturally. To the one, they say, “…if I am suffering, please help me cross.”

Euthanasia is one of the most altruistic, selfless things you can do for you fur-family member. Animals have an incredible ability to hang on and on and on when their pet parents are unable to let go … and let go from their heart. I have spoken with animals who have been in such misery that they tell me, “Yes, please, please, please, it’s time!” Yet, because their pet parents have been unwilling and unable to make that decision and let go, I have seen these animals suffer for weeks, sometimes up to 6 weeks, hanging on in misery. Considering that there is relatively no palliative care for animals, this suffering is on profound levels.

Given both my personal and professional experience, what I tell my clients is this: It’s better a day too early than a day too late. If you help them cross one day too early, you will have prevented their suffering, and 10 years down the line what you will probably be left with are the wonderful memories of the entire life you shared with each other rather than that one extra day. On the other hand, if you do it a day too late, 10 years down the line, the extra day you have is not going to make the difference to you, except that you run the risk of having to play that miserable day over and over in your head, questioning whether you let your fur child suffer, or worse, knowing so.

We have the ability to help animals transition with peace and dignity. Don’t take that away from them.

Euthanize at Home, if Possible

Over and over again, when I ask animals how they want to pass when it comes to euthanasia, they tell me, “at home.” They will usually show me laying in a favorite spot looking out a window or laying in the sun.

There are more and more veterinarians who do nothing but home euthanasia. This is a wonderful option, where your fur child need not go into a carrier or be taken into a cold sterile building, but gets to be in the safety and comfort of their own home surrounded by their loved ones. How many of you have heard people say they want the same thing? So do animals.

Be Prepared

Whether you do decide you will euthanize at home or take them to the vets, research your options beforehand. There is nothing worse than having to make a last minute decision of this magnitude, and not knowing who or what is available.

Here in the San Diego area I recommend Paws Into Grace but, to familiarize yourself with your options, you can Google search your area for ‘home euthanasia vets’, ‘mobile vets’, or even talk to your personal vet to see if he/she would offer that service to you. Doing this will also help you come to grips with having to let go on the emotional level that your fur child may need help from you to move on.

Understand the Importance of Letting Go

On a conscious level, you may think you are ready to let go, you may have even told your fur child that he or she can leave. But understand that animals relate to us on very deep energetic levels. If you are not truly there, emotionally … in your heart … they will know, and they will hang on. We don’t want that for them.

If you sense that your fur child is hanging on, do some deep soul searching to see if you might be unable or unwilling to let go, deep down in your heart. Many times, when I do a reading near the end of a fur kid’s life, I find that if I am able to help the pet parent touch that part of themselves, within a few days the animal will take a turn to be ready to leave because they had been hanging on.

Know that once your fur child is gone, you will still be able to speak with him/her and s/he will still be around you.

I spoke with a fur child in spirit at one point, whose mom was having a terrible time with his passing. He showed me himself unzipping his body and stepping out of his body as an etherial mass next to his mom. He said to her, “It’s okay, mom. I’m right here. I’m just not wearing my clothes anymore.”

After your fur child has crossed into spirit, s/he will hear you when you speak to him, be around you when you think of her, and you will always be able to communicate to her through a communicator like myself, if necessary, but often will not be. You will see signs that they are around, they will watch over you and be your spirit guide, and more likely than not, you will have many, many shared experiences (lifetimes) together.

Unfortunately, our animal’s life spans are far shorter than ours. dog being adopted I have always thought that to be some sort of cruel, cosmic joke. But in doing this work, I have had animals give me insights that, while it may be small consolation when we are going through it, may help in the long run.

The insight is this: think about how many homeless animals there are in the world, suffering, alone, out on the streets and in shelters. (I don’t believe in getting animals from breeders. I don’t believe in breeding animals, period.) In a perfect world, we have all of our animals for the full length of their life spans. So if we live the full length of ours, we will have saved at least 4 or 5 generations of animals from the torment of animal homelessness.

Animals come into our lives for a reason. Jamie [name changed], a lovely dog in spirit, talked about the concept of adoption in that we, in human existence, are given the gift of being able to be physical caretakers for these animals who, in turn, become spiritual caretakers for us.

We know we will miss them. But what better gift could we give them than to help them on their final journey? They, who continue to be our spiritual caretakers, long after our job of physical caretaker is over.

Lisa Larson is an animal communicator and reiki master. You can find her at

Bless the Situation

Bless The Situation
by Linda-Ann Stewart

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since she has emphysema and is on Pink_Ribbonoxygen, I was concerned about her coming through the treatments. I decided to transform my concern into an affirmation that something wonderful would come out of this for her that would somehow improve her overall quality of life, but I had no idea how that could possibly happen. She breezed through the surgery, with the anesthesiologist saying her heart was strong. That was something good. The cancer was small and hadn”t spread. That also was something good.

As the health care workers were taking the CAT Scan to set her up for radiation, they discovered that her thyroid, which was hyperactive, was compressing her windpipe to less than 50% of normal. It was like she was breathing through a straw. That was fantastic news, believe it or not. It meant that something could be done to improve her breathing.

When something that looks “bad” happens, bless it and affirm that something wonderful is going to come from it. People who have lost jobs have done this, and manifested a better job. Comet-holmes-1892A relationship coming to an end can open a door to a better one. Choose not to wallow in anxiety, worry, or concern about the possible negative consequences of the “loss.” Instead, concentrate on something better coming as a result of the event. By doing so, you”re actually giving your subconscious mind directions to actually find something good.

Whatever you give your attention to is a command to the subconscious to manifest more of that. As Universal Mind flows through your subconscious, this gives your creative mind infinite knowledge and resources to discover something good. Don”t try to figure out how it could possibly happen, that”s the function of your inner mind. And don”t try to determine what the benefit could be, that’s also the job for your subconscious.

There obviously was a reason for the unpleasant experience. Maybe you outgrew that job, but were reluctant to let it go. Every so-called “negative” condition is created of the same Universal energy that “positive” situations are formed from. But you have to set your creative mind to work to uncover what good can come from the circumstances. So bless the situation, and affirm to yourself that something wonderful is going to occur as a result of it. By doing so, you”re instructing your subconscious to reveal the goodness of the Infinite that animates every person, place, and condition.

You can do this for personal experiences or for more global situations. OilSheenFromValdezSpillI’ve done this for years for myself and others, and for social problems and world issues. Since we’re all connected in Universal Mind, the more people who bless any planetary conflict, the more we’re focusing on a positive solution and the benefits that can be found from it. It may seem counter-intuitive to look for the blessing, but that’s the only way we can turn a “negative” into a “positive.”

If it hadn”t been for my mother’s cancer, we probably never would have discovered a major cause of her breathing difficulties. It took months before she had surgery, but afterwards she was able to take a deep breath for the first time in years. Something wonderful came out of what could have been something awful.

I bless every so-called “negative” situation in my world, whether it’s my personal world or the globe. By blessing the circumstances, I’m instructing the Universe, my subconscious mind, and the collective subconscious, to find the good in the experience. I don”t have to figure out how or what benefit will result, I just keep my mind focused on blessing the situation and knowing that there is a wonderful outcome. Only good goes from me, and only good comes to me.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known consultant, coach, hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. At her website,, she offers personal development articles, a free newsletter and much more. Download her free ebook, “Secrets To The Law Of Attraction” at

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Article Source: Esoteric Library

Adam Dreamhealer

Dreamhealer Workshop Review
Los Angeles, March 7, 2010

by Lisa Larson

This weekend I attended the long awaited return of Adam Dreamhealer – – to Los Angeles. Adam-DreamhealerHis last event scheduled in L.A. had been cancelled, so we here in Southern California were ready. He didn’t disappoint.

Adam “Dreamhealer”, for those of you who don’t know, is a 22 year old energetic healer who discovered his gifts when he was 15 years old, by healing his mother of debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. He then went on to give treatments to many people, including a Canadian musician by the name of Ronnie Hawkins. Hawkins had pancreatic cancer and had been given a death sentence by his doctors. Adam contacted Hawkins and, with nothing to lose, Hawkins agreed to allow Adam to treat him distantly with energetic healing. Hawkins is alive and well, living cancer free today. Hawkins is convinced that he has Adam to thank for that.

Adam wrote his first book “Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings” when he was 16 years old and has since gone on to get degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry. He is currently working on a degree to become a naturopath.

The workshop started with a short video of testimonials intercut with clips of Adam doing group treatments. Frank, Adam’s father, introduced Adam by giving a casual bit of background on this amazing healer, and their journey of discovering his talents, not that most people in attendance didn’t know a lot of it already, but it was still fun to hear. His father seemed to be a very approachable.

When Adam came out, he got right to the point. There was no, “Hey, who here is from Philadelphia?” type nonsense to prime the crowd, no priming was needed.
Everyone there seemed to be interested in one thing, and one thing only, learning how to heal, whether it be for self or others.

Adam began with the scientific aspects about how our bodies, on a cellular level, work with regard to pain, illness and disease. What I found particularly interesting is how he explained the concept of light as energy and vice-versa. (At least, that’s what I got out of it.)

He then went on to prepping us for the healing treatment. Adam1This consisted of exercises of how to expand our aura, and how to merge it with others in the room. When the first treatment began, the energy was palpable. The only downside, I think, was the idea that we were experiencing something so remarkable, that many of us couldn’t decide what part of our body to work on for how long to utilize every nanosecond of what we were experiencing! When Adam told us to open our eyes and look at the energy, we all (all 300 of us) were engulfed in a mystical haze, visible to the naked eye. The experience of ‘sitting inside a communal aura’ was indescribable.

Before the second session started, there was an opportunity to buy Adam’s latest book, “Intention Heals”, upon which a lot of his lecture was based on, and to get it signed. His DVD (“Dreamhealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment”) was also available, which I had been on the fence about buying for some time, since all the same visualizations are the same as in his second book, “The Emerging DreamHealer, A Guide to Healing & Self Empowerment.” However, I did buy it, and I’m glad I did. It gives a clearer idea of how the visualizations work, over and above what is in the book. Unfortunately, it was only Intention Heals and the DVD that were available. Not that they were that great of a deal, you can probably get them cheaper on Amazon, but it would allow people to get them signed. (Of course, maybe that’s why they don’t do it, so he doesn’t have to take too much time to sign so many. They do ask that you not ask him questions during the signing, so that things keep moving.)

After lunch, Adam went a little deeper into some specific visualizations and we ended with another healing. I would have liked a brief list of suggested visualizations for more ailments (specifically, I would have liked to hear about injuries with respect to nerve and muscle damage), but he did give some suggestions, including one for Cancer and spent a fair amount of time on how cancer works and how to visualize removing it, one for lungs, and gave suggestions on what type of visualization to end with (the waterfall).

I did, however, like that the workshop was ended early enough in the day to get home at a reasonable time, given that so many people came from long distances to see him. If there were only one thing I would have changed about the workshop it is that I would have preferred it on a Saturday, rather than a Sunday. I would rather have traveled Friday night and come home Saturday afternoon so that I could have Sunday to rest and process the info rather than having to jump back into the week not having had any sort of weekend. But considering what I got out of it, it was well worth it. I would gladly return time and time again to attend these workshops if they were close enough for me to do so.

EyeKanaloaWhat I liked best about the information Adam gives is the combination of grounded, scientific data with the metaphysical, energetic process. As a huna practitioner, I see great similarities between Adam’s “intention heals’ concept and huna shamanistic healing techniques. While Adam’s information has more concentrated scientific data, and huna more of a psychological component, both are firmly grounded without the risk of too much esoteric ‘woo woo’ that chases so many people away.

Adam noted in his lecture that, in 1847, a physician named Ignaz Semmelweis advocated hand washing as a means of preventing disease. At the time, Semmelweis was reviled by the medical community for his ‘preposterous’ theories. Adam theorizes that as appalled as we are today to think that physicians didn’t wash their hands between surgeries and patients, is how appalled people 150 years from now will be when they look back at us and the idea that patients were not given an active role in their own health care.

It is my theory that 150 years from now, Adam will be as recognizable a name as Edgar Cayce, if not more. He could have done anything with his healing gift. He could have simply become the “healer of our lifetime.” But he chose (or should I say, ‘was chosen…’) to take the concept of energetic healing to a new level, combining science and intention to help people help themselves. Adam is only 22 years old. Through science, results and the years ahead, it’s anybody’s guess as to how far he may be able to drag the skeptical and unenlightened into the 21st century and beyond. #

Adam Dreamhealer’s Books:

Book 1:
Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings
The story of how Adam discovered his abilities.

Book 2:
The Emerging DreamHealer, A Guide to Healing & Self Empowerment
Techniques to use to initiate self-healing.

Book 3:
The Path of the DreamHealer: My Journey Through the Miraculous World of Energy Healing
Discussion of how health is integrative, introduction of science with regard to healing with intention. I have not read this book yet, but I’m told it’s the most comprehensive as far as ‘putting it all together.’

Book 4:
Intention Heals, A Guide and Workbook
New insights on intention with prompting to help you ‘think’ about your intentions.

Dreamhealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment
Animated visualizations with suggestions about how to visualize specific illnesses. (Also covered in book 2, but the animation adds a level of awareness of how to perform the visualizations.)

Adam’s Website is:

(If anyone sees any factual errors in this article, please contact me.)