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Weekly Tarot for Mar. 2. 2008 Card: Two of Cups Deck: Universal Waite Tarot (Pkt) Key words: Union (two persons or of self), Self-Development, Balance, Resolution of conflict, Reconciliation Okay, this is just getting ridiculous now. I draw dozens of cards for myself every week and the only time I draw this one is when […]

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Card of the Week Tarot Lessons by Example For the week of Feb. 24. 2008 Card: Ace of Wands Deck: Illuminated Tarot Key Words: Developing ideas, initiative, creativity If you look hard enough, you can see gifts being offered from a higher source. Those gifts come from within you. Now is the time to look […]

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— Tarot Inspired Reflections Learn to Read Tarot by Example For the week of Feb. 10. 2008 Card: King of Pentacles Deck: Universal Waite (Pocket Edition) The same cards — over and over — Well, last week I spoke about repeating cards, so I’ll leave that alone today. Today I’ll mention how different the meaning […]

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Tarot reflection for the week of Feb. 3, 2008 Card: Two of Cups Deck: Universal Waite (Pocket Edition) Well how fascinating. This is my 7th ‘weekly reflection’ and 3 times out of those 7 times I have drawn the Two of Cups. There is a lesson here. Every week, before drawing a card, I ask […]

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Tarot Inspired Reflection For the week of Jan. 27. 2008 The King of Pentacles is a person who has become defined by nothing more than his or her earthly existence. S/he is so focused on material wealth that, in the vein of “Chauncy Gardniner” (a character in the film “Being There”) s/he has ‘left the […]

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Tarot Reflection for the Week of Jan. 20, 2008 Once again we have the two of cups. Things are so divisive in the world, the fact that we are all connected, on some level, can’t help but affect us. It affects our relationships with strangers, our co-workers, our family, but most importantly — ourselves. Sometimes […]

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Tarot Reflection for the week of Jan 13, 2008 8 of Pentacles Life is tough. Sometimes we need to step back, take a break and assess what we have accomplished in our lives. It may not be everything you had hoped for, but at some point you need to understand that you are a productive […]

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Tarot Inspired Reflection for the week of Jan 6, 2008 It’s a new year, time for not only looking towards where you are going, but reflecting on where you have been. For, without knowing and learning from the past, how can you make your future the most fulfilling it can be? At times, we find […]

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Taking Responsibility Like Juliet, at some point you will wake from a long sleep. Let 2008 be the year in which you do that. We tend to go through life, sometimes unsatisfied, sometimes unaware: unaware of our surroundings and our own mental state. Now is the time for transformation. Like the butterfly, we only have […]

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