New Years Reflection

Taking Responsibility

Like Juliet, at some point you will wake from a long sleep. Let 2008 be the year in which you do that.four-of-swords

We tend to go through life, sometimes unsatisfied, sometimes unaware: unaware of our surroundings and our own mental state. Now is the time for transformation.

Like the butterfly, we only have a limited amount of time on this earth. Why waste it mired in self-pity and denial? If you have unfinished business buried in your subconscious, finish it. Not only does it affect you, but there are other beings in the world who are affected by it, whether you know it or not.

And, whether you know it or not, we are all connected. You may think that by retreating into your own little world, you are bothering no one. But your psychic energy affects everyone around you: your friends, your family, your animals. As you stumble through your fog, you may wind up driving away the people who you love the most, and once they leave, it may be too late.

Of course, you may have worn your suit of armor so long it may be difficult to get it off. If so, ask for help, in whatever form necessary. Keep in mind, that suit of armor doesn’t only keep others away, it keeps you away from yourself. This is the year to allow your heart to see the light of day.

Make this the year you come out of your cocoon, whatever that cocoon may be. Be it retreating into your own world, drinking or doing drugs, gambling, making work more important than family, eating too much, eating to little, over-compensating by constantly and inappropriately demanding to be the center of attention, constantly and inappropriately refusing to be the center of attention (ie: co-dependence,) inability to effectively communicate with others (ie: continual fights with your spouse, friends, family; continual problems at work) or any one of the other myriad of dysfunctional social behaviors, it’s time to change. It’s time to start honoring your own boundaries as well as others. Your life can only become more enriched by it.

This goes beyond making a New Year’s Resolution by saying "I’m going to lose weight," or "I’m going to stop drinking," — resolutions usually don’t work because people are trying to treat the symptom rather than the disease. This year, treat the disease. In other words, don’t just look at the problem and resolve to rectify that, resolve to rectify what causes the problem. That way, you’ll never have to make another New Year’s resolution — ever again.

Happy New Year,

Tarot of the New Vision © Lo Scarabeo

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