Christmas Contemplation

Health and Giving

The message this card is giving me for this Christmas week istwo-of-cups the idea that what is really important about Christmas is not the giving and getting of gifts, which has become such a commercial obsession in this country (the U.S.), but the sharing of ourselves.

This is a time to appreciate the things we have in life and share them with the ones we love. We make this decision consciously.

Did you get up this morning and brush your teeth this morning? How fortunate for you. Many people cannot. Many people do not because it’s so low on their survival scale.

If you are in reasonably good health, and you have family members you love and who love you, now is the time to put a little extra thought into appreciating those blessings.

The spirit of Christmas is peace. Peace with yourself and peace with others. Please enjoy it and carry it with you into the new year, every day of that year, and the years beyond.

I wish all of you who celebrate Christmas a very merry one. I wish all of you who do not, the peace, we would all hope, that comes with the season.

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