James Van Praagh

We saw James Van Praagh at a book signing last night, for his new book vanpraaghGhosts Among Us I don’t ever watch the Ghost Whisperer, but he was really interesting. I knew a lot of what he talked about, but he was pretty down to earth and had some interesting stories.

But the bigger thing was how the universe puts things into place for you.  I have been getting messages for the past year or so that I should be learning mediumship and healing. It’s a big reason why we moved, because I was stagnant up where I lived. Since I’ve moved, I’ve met so many people with great energy. Last night was no different.

First of all, when he took questions, I told him I was an animal communicator and asked why I might have so much easier time connecting with animals who have passed over than I do with humans. His answer made perfect sense. He said because to connect with the other side, you connect through the vibrational energy of love. And since animals are unconditional love, and humans are by nature judgmental, it’s harder to achieve the right level of vibrational energy to connect across, whereas with animals, it’s just there. Okay, good. Makes sense. But it’s what happened afterwards that blew me away.

As we were walking out, we started talking to this woman on the street with the most adorable little — miniature collie?  I don’t know if that’s the right name. But she asked where we had been and when she found out, she got so excited and asked if we did ‘stuff like that’. I told her all that I do, and she was just fascinated.

Meanwhile, I was fascinated with her. She was …. so …. innocent. She had this wide-eyed child-like quality and I just … connected with her on a really emotional level. I didn’t know why. Especially when another woman came out of the store (someone who I had been talking to before the program) and and gave me a big goodbye hug. I looked at the two of them, and the two were so different.

Listening to the chat between them made me feel as though the woman with the dog has really been told all of her life that she is not very smart, but sort of accepts it, even if self-conscious about herself.

We all hugged and left, but I couldn’t get “L” (the woman with the dog) out of my mind. I couldn’t understand, how by all external appearances, we really had little in common but I felt such an emotional connection to her.

When I hugged her goodbye, she commented how nice the hug was. And for me, it was like I felt a true deep love for her. vanpraagh It was so strange. And then it hit me. I honestly believe I was talking to a friend of mine who died of breast cancer several years ago. She and “L” were so much alike, but it was more than that. When I left, and realized who she reminded me of, I didn’t start feeling sad, missing my friend (she and I had been very close), I felt like I just had the opportunity to speak with her. It wasn’t sad to think of her not here anymore, I felt joyful like I had just been able to see her.

It then dawned on me that the universe was trying to make me understand what it is like to connect on that vibrational level, to a human who has passed, just as Van Praagh had told me.

Van Praagh also said that the most common way spirits connect with us is through our dreams. I then went on to be visited by my baby girl, Puma, in my dreams last night. It was so wonderful to see her. I guess all of this is a matter of perspective, huh.


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