In Memory of The Liberal Lion

The historical magnitude of the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy is almost incomprehensible. Not only is his passing the passing of a life, but it is the passing of a dynasty.

So often, especially of late, we see powerful people with lots of money and the legacy they leave in their lives is one of greed and corruption, leaving a taste of contempt in the mouths of those less fortunate who witness their self-serving ways.

But this dynasty, the Kennedy dynasty, gives us pause with our bittersweet memories of all this family has gone through, moving past their own human frailties and tragedies, to work tirelessly and altruistically to help the poor and downtrodden.

In looking at all Ted Kennedy accomplished in his life, it makes one wonder what might have been had all of the Kennedy’s been able to fulfill their destiny. But depending on one’s belief system, maybe they did.

And maybe Ted Kennedy is today.

For my entire life, there has been no more important issue to me than health care. Clearly, no other issue was as important to Ted Kennedy. For that, he is my hero.

But I think his work is not done. I think, perhaps, maybe he timed this very well and very purposefully. By all accounts, he should have died in early 2008. But he hung on. And in a spiritual way, I think that he waited until this moment to leave his physical body and pass onto the other side. I think that he has just given his life for health care.

Perhaps his high self realized that he could do more in death than he had ever been able to do in the biggest political fights he had in life. A strong proponent of Universal Health Care (now called ‘single-payer’) it is inevitable that congress can go through this fight now without thinking of him. I think he left when he felt it was the most helpful to leave.

Furthermore, I truly believe that he feels, at this point, he can do more to finish his 40 year battle to pass significant health care reform from the other side.

Spirit works in mysterious ways. The spirit of a cause, for the good of all, finds a way to prevail. In life or in death we, the American People, have an ally in Ted Kennedy. We were so blessed to have had it in life, and now we have it in spirit. I have faith that he will not let us down.

Be well on the other side, Mr. Kennedy. Rejoice in your reunions. We thank you for all you’ve done for us but, with your help, we will not let you down in death. So many lives depend on it.

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