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Meditation CDs

Developing Your Own Psychic Powers: John Edward  

I got this for Christmas. Not only does it have really good information, it has some of the most effective meditations I've ever done. I'm only through the first three CDs so far, but this is really good.


Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music
: Carlos Nakai

If you like Native American music for meditation, and you were to only be able to have one CD, this is the one I'd recommend. There's not a cut on there that I don't love.



Crystal Voices : The Harmonic Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls

I'm not a 'vocals' person, of which there are a few cuts on there, but there are a couple of pure instrumentals, made just with the crystal bowls. Very nice.



Metaphysical &/or Philosophical "Theme" Film Recommendations

I am a film professor. There will never be a film recommendation here just because it has a certain theme. It will be here only if I believe it to be a quality film worth watching.


The Red Violin: Françios Girard, dir.


There just isn't enough good I can say about this film. It is probably in the top 5 of my favorite films. I show it in my film classes frequently, and my students love it.

The story is compelling, the cinematography is beyond reproach, the acting, the directing, the sound... in my opinion, it's nearly flawless. The best part of it, however? It uses the tarot as a wrap-around. :-)

A series of vignettes follows the journey of a violin through the centuries. It is a must see!


Carnivale - The Complete First Season

Carnivale - The Complete Second Season 

One of the best television shows to be taken off the air waaaay to soon. Althought this is television, not film, it was an HBO show and as well produced as any film out there. It was on for only two seasons.

It's about a traveling carnivale and it gets out there, but it's so well done. It has everything, psychics, tarot readers, a flip-flop on religion, coming back from the dead. If you aren't all that good at "willingly suspending your disbelief" then perhaps this is one you need to pass on. But if you like quality...real quality can't get better than this.


The Gift: Sam Raimi


Interesting little independent film that revolves around a card reader and the visions she experiences in relation to an open investigation. Don't read the synopsis on Amazon, it's a slight spoiler. It stars Cate Blanchett, Hilary Swank & Greg Kinnear.

"Plot Synopsis: When a local woman disappears & the police can't seem to find any leads, her father turns to a ... woman with psychic powers."


Book Recommendations Include

(If you do decide to buy one of the books I've recommended, through Amazon, please consider buying through a link from this site so as to contribute to keeping this site up and running. Thanks.)