Rush Limbaugh: In My Dreams

Okay, I’m not sure where else to put this, so here it goes: Last night I had a dream about Rush Limbaugh. I don’t remember all that surrounded it, it was one of those things where I woke up in the morning, laid there and thought, “What was that dream I had last night???” Thank goodness I remembered….

My husband and I were with our two cats. The perspective was from us standing up looking down at the floor. And on the floor was a miniature Rush Limbaugh. He was dressed all in red and he was walking on all fours. If you can get the image, it put me in the mind of the little space invader who tormented Agnes Moorhead in that famous episode of the Twilight Zone.

Just as one of us took a closer look and said, “Wow, that’s Rush Limbaugh” we realized that the cats were fascinated with him. And unlike what we would do to save a bird or a mouse if we saw that our cats might go after something and attack, we stood there watching the two of them pounce on him as he tried to scurry away.

It was only when I saw Rush’s head disappear within the whole of Makana’s mouth that we thought, “Awww, maybe we shouldn’t let this happen” but we were laughing too hard to care. They weren’t really hurting him or being aggressive or anything, they were just playing and tormenting him. (Much like he torments the world, I suppose.)

Right around the second time Makana started to go for his head, a policeman came in. Evidentially a right wing soldier had walked by, saw the happening of events and thought that our cats using Rush as a playtoy seemed to be causing him some sort of severe mental distress (not quite sure he’s capable of that much emotion, but I digress…)

So, the policeman rushed in, rescued Rush, the cats looked at us in wonder and I went onto other fascinating places in my etheric body which I am now unable to recall. If only we could find a wind-up version of Rush like that for the fun and amusement of our cats in waking life. Now that, would be a dream. 😉

A Time For Reflection

With the death of Osama bin Laden this past week, I thought it a time for reflection on the events that inalterably changed our nation almost a decade ago.

Mr. Caat had a childhood friend perish on that day, a Port Authority Officer by the name of “Bruce Reynolds“, who gave his life trying to save others.

I have been fortunate enough to connect with him and his mother, who is now also in spirit, on a couple of different occasions, while doing mediumship readings.

This poem is for him and all those like him.


I didn’t know him,
But I know his name.
Like the thousands of other names on the list,
He had a story.

He cared, he loved,
He laughed, he cried.
He was the innocent child,
Who grew up to be a man;
A man respected, a man admired,
Who didn’t have to go, but did.

In the smoke and haze,
One by one,
He helped them out of disaster,
Back to safety in the arms of their families,
Then turned around to do it all over again.

His father planted flowers in a garden for him,
He hopes they will bloom by spring.
It would be appropriate for this child,
Turned into a man,
And that man, who turned into a hero.

For us, who never knew him,
But heard the stories of his youth,
Our hearts cry, for this man turned hero,
And all those like him,
Who died in the line of duty,
On one September day…
One very dark September day…

In the year so many are relieved to have passed,
The year that changed the world…
The year that changed our lives…
The year that took so many heros…
Next spring, a flower will bloom.

In Memory of Bruce Reynolds,
Port Authority Police Officer, NY, NJ. —
And all those who also perished on that fateful day.

Lisa Larson © 2002

Hawk as an Animal Spirit Guide


Messenger, Visionary, Protector:
Perspective, Focus, Priorities, Inner Visions, Wisdom

When Hawk crosses your path:
~ Step back and gain a greater perspective on a difficult situation
~ Eliminate distractions and stay focused on your goal or task
~ Be acutely aware of your surroundings for any messages that Hawk or Spirit brings
~ Be prepared to protect yourself from personal or psychic drains
~ Stop trying to control others or the situation, work on accepting and appreciating all that is in the present

Think about Hawk:
They are exemplary fliers with extraordinary strength and speed. They go so fast, they need to pick a direction (priorities) and take it They have the best eyesight of all the animal world. Their visual acuity (ability to see clearly) is 8x’s greater than ours. They are keen hunters, staying focused on their prey. Hawks mate for life, have home ‘territories’, and furiously defend their homes and families.

Call on Hawk energy when:

— You have gotten caught up in the minutia of a situation and need to gain perspective
~ You’re having trouble accepting that a situation is not going the way in which you ‘planned.’
~ You’re feeling depressed and need to ‘lift your spirits’
~ You’re working on a project or task that needs intense focus
~ You’re being verbally or psychically attacked and need to defend yourself
~ You know there are messages being given and you need to figure out what they are

Hawk medicine teaches us:

~ How gain perspective on a situation which we’ve become mired in
~ How to stay focused on priorities
~ How to study a situation and take decisive action
~ How to look at a situation ‘more clearly’

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer
— Shamanism, Vol. III, Animal Medicine Powers, by Dolfyn. ©1992 Earthspirit Inc.
The Raptor Trust
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

Raccoon as a Spirit Guide


Resourcefulness, Trust, Curiosity, Playful Energy, Inquisitiveness, Dexterity
When Raccoon crosses your path:
— Set aside any doubts you have and know that the resources you need will be there for you (analogous to the Magician card in the tarot.)
— Adopt a more relaxed attitude; open yourself up to the joy of curiosity and ‘open-ended’ exploration* of life.
— Be aware of any signs or omens you may be getting from those close to you on the other side.

Think about Raccoon:
They are adaptable to many types of living situations. They are extraordinarily clever, curious & resourceful. They have dexterous paws which help them get things they want, such as opening lids and latches to things, which might not be available to other animals. They are adventurous and courageously love to explore new things, yet they can be quite ferocious in defending themselves or their babies. They highly intelligent and have keen night vision.

Call on Raccoon energy when:

– You need manual dexterity for a task
– You are in a situation which calls for you to be more adaptable
– You need to find more joy and excitement in life, through exploration and adventure
– You need to feel comfortable with yourself despite what others think of you

Raccoon medicine teaches us:

– To remain flexible and adaptable in the face of challenging situations
– That we have the resources we need for challenging situations
– How to choose which public face (or ‘mask’) is most appropriate for a specific situation

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer
— Shamanism, Vol. III, Animal Medicine Powers, by Dolfyn. ©1992 Earthspirit Inc.
Raccoon Facts
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

A Pet’s 10 Commandments

1. My life is likely to last 10-20 years… Any separation from you is likely to be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old – remember, you too, will grow old.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me, please Never say you can’t bear to watch. Don’t make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.


Animal Spirit Guide: Pelican

Pelican as an Animal Spirit Guide

Forgiveness, Cooperation, Release, Adaptability

When Pelican crosses your path:
— Forgive yourself
— Let go of resentment towards others
— Let go of that which ‘weighs you down’, be it material, emotional or mental

Think about Pelican:
They have that large sack with which to fish. They can fish abundantly with it, but know that it needs to be empty to have the freedom of effortless flight. They swallow the fish and empty the water out of the pouch. They know when to let go.
Pelicans know how to adapt to the conditions in which they live. Despite their large size, they are deceptively light. This makes them buoyant and they float effortlessly on the water. And although, they may, at times, have trouble taking off from the water’s surface, they persevere, not allowing themselves to get bogged down in the water. (symbolically, water = emotions)

Pelicans are very social beings. They live in cooperative colonies, teaming up to fish, and they nest away from species with whom they may have conflict.

Call on Pelican energy when:
— You feel the need to ‘lighten up’
— You feel the need to let go of resentment or anger towards another
— You feel overwhelmed and want to rise above your heavy emotional state
— You feel the need to keep your head held high, despite your trials and tribulations

Pelican medicine teaches us:
–That no matter how heavy our burdens, we will always rise to the top
— How to forgive ourselves, by releasing ourselves from that which bogs us down
— How to ‘team up’ with others in harmony and cooperation

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer
— Shamanism, Vol. III, Animal Medicine Powers, by Dolfyn. ©1992 Earthspirit Inc.
Pelican Facts
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

The Pelican

A Surfer’s Understanding of Animal Communication
By Lawrence Larson, Esq.

I just finished riding a small, waist high wave, that collapsed in front of me. My attention was diverted from the wave, to a pelican about a hundred yards north of me. pelicanThe bird rested in the water about 25 yards directly seaward from the end of a small Northern San Diego County jetty. One of the Pelican’s wings was stretched out from his body, at a 45 degree angle. It was in a deformed position, as if it had been broken or disjointed.

It was early in the morning and the sun was just squinting over the hills, which were awaking and exhaling an autumn chaparral scent. I became entranced by the whole scene. The ocean stood motionless, a dark limpid ink shade with the texture of grey-blue tiffany glass. The sea’s surface was imbued by chimeric shadows which made me altogether unsure of what I was seeing. As I stared, trying to account for the vision, there was a feeling of disconnect, the creamy adorned feathers of the pelican, it’s disfigured stance, contrasted eerily with the darkness of the ocean.

Near me, there was one other surfer in the water. Beyond him, outside of the line-up, was akayaker paddling through the bay, I watched the pelican for another minute in his haunting pose. The realization hit me. A shore fisherman on the jetty had hooked the pelican on the wing and was holding the line taut, extending the bird’s wing. I yelled about three times, each time more insistently for the fisherman to cut the line. Reluctantly, he reached for his sheathed knife and cut the fishing line. The birds wing fell, and laid straight out from its body on the top of the water.

I began to paddle in the direction of the bird. The other surfer, who noted that he was a biologist, warned me about getting too close to the pelican, as they are fierce fighters and their prehistoric beaks have evolved into formidable defensive tools. The kayaker sensing my curiosity, paddled in a swing cadence toward the animal. His swifter water vehicle neared the pelican before I did. As he cautiously approached the distressed bird, the pelican ranted and employed his strong neck and long beak as a weapon to threaten and fend off the interloping kayaker. The outburst sent the kayaker quickly back to the bay. I knew the pelican lashed out because he was terrified. He did not know why he was maimed. The kayaker and myself were the only people near him and it was a small leap in reason for him to think we were the marauders intent on his capture.

As I approached the magnificent creature, I slowly, smoothly and quietly slid off the surface of my surfboard, trying to leave the water and the pelican undisturbed. I slowly dog paddled toward him, talking in a calm voice. In Hawaii, we greet friends, loved ones and strangers with Aloha. As I got within a few feet of this feral being, I looked at him and said “Aloha”. When one is graced with Aloha they are blessed with the divine light or in Hawaiian “Mana”. Mana is the abiding Hawaiian faith in the sacred divinity of man and nature. I came to the point were my face was a foot away from his face and I was looking straight up at this magnificent creature of God. I was treading water in the middle of the ocean, my surfboard a distant object bobbing to the undulations of the ocean. I was in his world, his domain and his imperial posture said as much. Again i said “ Aloha”. With that simple word Aloha, I assured him that I was a fellow traveler of the ocean and the divinity in me saw the divinity in him.

I have never had the patience, skill or manual dexterity to untangle wires, strings and things. Divinely guided this time, things were different. I cradled the wing in my hands and with the transcendent illumination, I decoded the hopelessly tangled fishing wire. It took about ten minutes to free the bird. The beautiful animal never took his gaze off me. He never flinched his wing. After his liberation, he slowly drew his wing into his body and even more intently fixed his eyes on me. Renewed, he slowly turned his body toward the sea, He swam about twenty feet without spreading his wings. He turned, looked at me and whispered “ Aloha my friend”. The Phoenix, renewed and restored; he spread his wings and in a magnificent arch, gracefully took flight into the heavy salt air. As he flew away, I wished him the same Aloha. The pelican was gone. The fleeting episode: a memory.

Pelican landing image: (C)2006-Stephane TOUGARD. Permission is granted for copy and use.

The Ouija Board

There’s a guy in Salem, Mass., who does some really nice videos I highly recommend. His videos are posted under the moniker MagickTv.

This week he tackled one of my pet peeves, the misconception about the safety of the Ouija Board. Enjoy.

Bless the Situation

Bless The Situation
by Linda-Ann Stewart

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since she has emphysema and is on Pink_Ribbonoxygen, I was concerned about her coming through the treatments. I decided to transform my concern into an affirmation that something wonderful would come out of this for her that would somehow improve her overall quality of life, but I had no idea how that could possibly happen. She breezed through the surgery, with the anesthesiologist saying her heart was strong. That was something good. The cancer was small and hadn”t spread. That also was something good.

As the health care workers were taking the CAT Scan to set her up for radiation, they discovered that her thyroid, which was hyperactive, was compressing her windpipe to less than 50% of normal. It was like she was breathing through a straw. That was fantastic news, believe it or not. It meant that something could be done to improve her breathing.

When something that looks “bad” happens, bless it and affirm that something wonderful is going to come from it. People who have lost jobs have done this, and manifested a better job. Comet-holmes-1892A relationship coming to an end can open a door to a better one. Choose not to wallow in anxiety, worry, or concern about the possible negative consequences of the “loss.” Instead, concentrate on something better coming as a result of the event. By doing so, you”re actually giving your subconscious mind directions to actually find something good.

Whatever you give your attention to is a command to the subconscious to manifest more of that. As Universal Mind flows through your subconscious, this gives your creative mind infinite knowledge and resources to discover something good. Don”t try to figure out how it could possibly happen, that”s the function of your inner mind. And don”t try to determine what the benefit could be, that’s also the job for your subconscious.

There obviously was a reason for the unpleasant experience. Maybe you outgrew that job, but were reluctant to let it go. Every so-called “negative” condition is created of the same Universal energy that “positive” situations are formed from. But you have to set your creative mind to work to uncover what good can come from the circumstances. So bless the situation, and affirm to yourself that something wonderful is going to occur as a result of it. By doing so, you”re instructing your subconscious to reveal the goodness of the Infinite that animates every person, place, and condition.

You can do this for personal experiences or for more global situations. OilSheenFromValdezSpillI’ve done this for years for myself and others, and for social problems and world issues. Since we’re all connected in Universal Mind, the more people who bless any planetary conflict, the more we’re focusing on a positive solution and the benefits that can be found from it. It may seem counter-intuitive to look for the blessing, but that’s the only way we can turn a “negative” into a “positive.”

If it hadn”t been for my mother’s cancer, we probably never would have discovered a major cause of her breathing difficulties. It took months before she had surgery, but afterwards she was able to take a deep breath for the first time in years. Something wonderful came out of what could have been something awful.

I bless every so-called “negative” situation in my world, whether it’s my personal world or the globe. By blessing the circumstances, I’m instructing the Universe, my subconscious mind, and the collective subconscious, to find the good in the experience. I don”t have to figure out how or what benefit will result, I just keep my mind focused on blessing the situation and knowing that there is a wonderful outcome. Only good goes from me, and only good comes to me.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known consultant, coach, hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. At her website,, she offers personal development articles, a free newsletter and much more. Download her free ebook, “Secrets To The Law Of Attraction” at

(Please note that by downloading her book, you will automatically receive a newsletter to whatever email you use.)

Article Source: Esoteric Library

“It’s too soon” means “It’s too soon.”

“No” means “no,” and “it’s too soon” means “it’s too soon.” I just got off the phone with a person who recently lost her pet, who was guilted into adopting a pet from a pet store that works with rescues.

missyPeople need time to grieve. If someone says “It’s too soon” that means “It’s too soon.” It doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to guilt that person into adopting by saying things like “Can’t you find room in your heart for these kids?” “You’re such a good mother, “ “If you don’t take them, they’ll have a terrible life.”

This serves no one. It doesn’t serve the humans involved and it certainly doesn’t serve the pets. When people lose a pet they need time to grieve. Giving them a pet as a gift without knowing that they’re ready, or guilting them into taking a pet before they’re ready, many times, means that there will not be the bonding between animal and human as there would be otherwise. It’s simply not fair to the pet or the parent. Either the two won’t bond, or the pets will end up being taken back having been put through another, unnecessary trauma in their life.

So people at pet stores who work with rescues, or rescue organizations themselves, or those just trying to place a homeless animal need to understand that “No” means “No”, “It’s too soon” means “It’s too soon”, and “I’m not ready” means “I’m not ready.” They need to honor that, for the sake of the parent and for the sake of the pet.