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Being a tarot interpreter, I have had the ability to use my intuition and telepathy, consciously, since the age of 16, but never had I used it to communicate with other species.

On April 2, 2004, we made the heart-breaking decision to assist our wonderful little boy, Cairo, on his journey to the spirit world.

Through our rescue organization, I was put in contact with an amazing volunteer communicator who assisted Cairo on his spiritual journey.

In doing so, helped my husband and myself in the passing of our "Little Man." It turned out to be a turning point in my life.

Through my ensuing friendship with her, I learned that the ability to communicate with animals is an ability that all of us have.

Indeed, it is the same intuitive ability I have been using all of my life in other ways. I went on to study with Carol Gurney, Teresa Wagner, and Marta Williams, all communicators at the top of their field.

I've spoken with all sorts of pets. While cats are my specialty, I've also spoken with monkeys, horses, geckos, snails, ravens, canaries, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and, of course, dogs.

Among other things, I've spoken with them in spirit and in body; about behavioral problems, their wants and their needs; I've helped them into spirit and spoken to them about their past lives.

My hope is that I can use this ability that I have been given to help people and animals deepen their relationship with, and understanding of, each other -- in particular, those who are integral family members, and the joys of our lives.


For further information, you can visit my PAWSTALK site.