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Pocket Universal Waite Tarot Cards
Rider-Waite-Smith Clone

tarot_card_reviewUniversal Waite Pocket Edition

I have to say, the more I use these, the more I like them, & I highly recommend them. But there are some things to be aware of before buying. When I first got them, I considered returning them, but I didn't and they are one of my favorite decks now. I'm very glad I kept them.

That said, if you are looking for them to look exactly like the large Universal deck, they don't.

I ordered these because I like my larger (regular-sized) deck of Universal Tarot so much, and wanted something I could carry around. Whan I first got my deck, my thought was, "Eh. They're okay, I guess." I compared them to a pocket-sized original deck, and I liked them a little better, so I decided to keep them. In comparison to the original RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith), the artwork is more refined, with more detail in the shadows and such.

They do not, however, look exactly like the regular-sized Universal Waite deck. In comparing them, the colors on the pocket deck are more vibrant, as is mentioned by several people on Amazon, but they are also more grainy.

For instance, if I compare the Ace of Swords, on the regular-sized deck, the sky is just a smooth grey. On the pocket deck, it's not only darker, but it has a noticeable grain to it. Now, whether this is better or worse may be a matter of personal opinion. I showed the difference to my husband and he liked the smaller one better. The one thing he mentioned was that on the pocket deck, you can see the radiance around the hand. On the large deck, you can barely see it.

On the larger deck, it's like there's a diffusion on it. That's the only way I can describe it. It gives it a softer, more subtle look. But, like I say, compared it to the original RWS deck, the artwork looks more refined and detailed.

I have several small decks: the original RWS in both mini and pocket size; Albino; LS Universal; and now this one. I was tired of the colors of the RWS and the Albino, and I'm not always in the mood to use the LS Universal, so after getting past the initial realization that they don't look like the larger deck, they have turned out to be a real joy.

Additionally, I do have to say, the backs on these are awesome! They're a very cool blue design with clouds and a yellow star. And the box is very nice. It's pretty substantial, so weight-wise, I'll probably put them in a bag to carry around, but I haven't done that yet, and it's really nice to have a box that doesn't fall apart with repeated use.

The one last thing I'll comment on is, the quality of the card stock is a bit different than the large deck. The large deck seems to have a smoother finish, but after having used them a while, it's not an issue. The card weight is good. I find this an extrodinarily useful deck. I love reading with it before I go to sleep at night, where I don't have a lot of room for larger decks.

As long as you don't have an expectation of these being mirror images of the large deck, I think you will find them a very nice addition to your tarot family.

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