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December 09, 2005, 10:07:06 AM
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Hello!  Madi is my family's 8.5 year old Australian Shepherd merle .

My mom and I have been working on animal communication for about the past year, though we usually stay away from the interview communications with our own pets.  But I'm interested in what they have to say!  Would anyone mind having a chat with Madi?  She's the most "verbally" expressive dog I've EVER known, so I don't think this will be a challenge - might be fun for beginners.  Madi is living with my mom at our home in Redding, CT (I'm in Boulder, CO.)

A few things you might want to ask:
-who are your friends?
-what does your living environment look like - inside and outside? how do you feel about living here?
-where do you like to sleep?
-what kinds of things do you do to get our attention?
-what are things you like to do to play?
-what are your joys, fears?

If you feel that you've clicked with Madi on some of these answers, maybe you could try to investigate some of these things:
-the issue of going to the bathroom in the house
-the issue of running away for a few hours at a time (she doesn't do this anymore)
-her general health

Again, I think anyone would really enjoy talking with Madi.  Be sure to tell her that she brings us SUCH joy, and that we love her deeply.  And tell her Sarah will be home from school in a few days! : )

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing about any conversations with Madi.

December 11, 2005, 05:53:08 PM
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Song and Cheer,

 ]I tried practicing with Madi this evening but it seemed to be getting thin towards the end.  So I don't feel as confident with this chat as with others- but just the same, I am going to pass it on to you.  

  Thanks to you and Madi for lettign me practice. Please let me know what's accurate.


D:  HOw would you describe yourself?
M:  Honorable.  Loyal streak.  Loving.  Smart.

D:  Your favorite activities?
M:  Jumping in the pool.  
D:  A ppol filled with water?
M:  I'm a water dog!  I love water!

D:  Other favorite activities?
M:  That IS my favorite.  
D:  Other things you enjoy doing then?
M: Going for walks.  Woods...
D:What about the woods?
M: I live near the woods

D:  Who are your friends?
M:  Cat.  And my people.
M:  Female Cat.
D:  One you live with?
M:  Yes.
D: How close are you with this cat?
M:  We respect each other.  Enjoy each other's company. Mutual affection.

M:  Steak.
D: What about steak?
M: I love steak!  And burgers!  Its' a treat!

D:  Mady what do you eat as your main meals?
M:  (Answer was very unclear.)  I got dry, then raw.
D:  I'm sorry, I'm not getting it clearly- can you show me?
M:  (I get the image of something square)
D: Sorry, girl, it isn't coming through well...
M:  I said raw!
D:  OK... I'll just go with that last statement.  Thank you.
M:  Your welcome.

D:  Madi, what do you like to do?
M:  I see her playing what looks like tug of war with a thick fabric toy of some type

D:  What's special about you?
M:  I can count.
D:  You can count?  Please clarify...
M: I can count.  (No clarification.)
D:  I believe you.  

D:  WHen it's dark out and your human go to bed, where do you go to bed?
M:  I go to bed too.  (Shows me herself jumping on a human bed.)
D:  WHo do you sleep with?
M:  Male.

D:  Madi, what is your job around the house?
M:  Watcher.  Quiet watcher.

D:  And when their is a visitor at the door, what do you do?
M: Bark and let my family know

D:  What are your greatest joys?
M:  Being with my family.  Prancing.  

D:  What are you afraid of?
M:  Loud noises.  Startle me.  

D:  When it's thundering and lightening outside, how do you act?
M:  It can't get me inside.  
D:  DO you runand hide?
M:  No, that's silly.

D:  Where is your food bowl?
M:  Porch
D:  Really?
M (Now she shows me some really long floor-length curtains) Is her bowl near some long curtains?

D:  What does your living room look like?
M:  Rocking chair.  Rug.  Maroon.

D:  What color is your bowl?  
M:  Orange

D:   When you go outside into your backyard, what do you see?
M:  Fence. Green plastic.
D:  I get the impression house is close to the road.
D:  What kinds of things do you doto get parent's attention?
M:  Bark at them
D:  What else?
M: Bring toys.  Sock.

M:(Shows me herself jumping on the couch)
D:  Are you allowed on the couch?
M:  Oh yes.

D: What kinds of games do you like to play?
M:  Chase.  A game of chase.

D:  Madi, is there anything you'd like to say before I leave?
M:  Mice.  We've got mice.  I chase them.  Too slow though.  Cat is good. (shows me cat carrying mouse in mouth)

D: Madi, have you ever lived with another dog?
M:  I see a dark brown pointer type dog (or it could be a slender, thin lab type dog's head.)  It was a dog taller than she.  

D:  DO you have any dogs that live near you?
M: On the other side of the fence.  

D:  I'm going to leave now but your family wishes to they I love you.
M:  I love them too.
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