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November 26, 2005, 08:29:01 PM
During a recent workshop with Kristin Thompson:

     My communication  with a tiny spider who was sunning itself on a leaf
in the sun by a pond at Kristin's house:

     D: I admit I'm a little afraid of spiders.  It has something to do
with all those pointy legs.
     S:  It's a blessing to have extra legs touch the ground

     From the spider directly:

       -Like to bask in the sun's warm glow
       -(A second spider appeared on a leaf also near the first spider and positioned itself also in the warm sun)  I hear, "We
are sisters/brothers"

     D:  How do you fit into the nature scheme?

      -I see an image of 2 VERY large spiders on a web that encircles
planet earth, one on each side of the earth as if mirror images of
each other.

     D:  What's this about?
     S:  We hold the pieces to make the whole.  It's a mysterious job we
do- we do it faithfully.
     S:  There is a connection between us and gravity. We are the keepers
of the energy.

     D:  Why do I fear a spider's many legs?
     S:  Because you choose fear.  It is a choice.

     D:  How do you feel about other spiders in the area?
     S:  Territorial.  But we are a network.

     We did an exercise at Kristin's house too where we were asked to think
of a creature we do not care for.  One we fear or despise for whatever
reason.  We would connect with their consciousness (the whole species)
and do gesalt- slip into their body to feel what it's like to be them
and to move as them, etc.

    (I admit I didn't care for this activity at the start and didn't like
slipping into a tarantuala's body- which was my creature of choice- but
I gained a lot from the experience.  To feel how another moves is
awesome.  I did this with an owl in the first workshop- how awesome
this activity is.  During this activity you ask them questions and get
impressions just being one with them.  This is not stuff that I think
up- it's what comes to me- out of the blue it seems.

     Wild Tarantulas-

    -They move by pivoting, synchronized legwork
    -Lots of light can be seen through their eyes
    -They say that they hide for security from those that stalk
    -They scurry about
    -When asked how they feel about being a spider... they say they feel
joy at being themselves
     -They are always watching
     -Their little mouth parts open and close and they have tiny thin
mouths that swallow  (very narrow feeling- not wide like ours)
     -To play, they jump from place to place and play games in the shadows
     D:"What can I learn from you?"
     S:  To fear less. Fear is a choice. The rivers are long, the journey
is long, make the best of it.
     D:  What are your secrets?
     S:  To spin the web of time.  We hold each thing in its place.  All
spiders do.
     D: Why do you always hide?
     S: We hide so that our journeys can go on and our work is not
interfered with.  We move unseen, each individual playing its role, as
you do, as our lives unfold.
     D:  How does it feel to love?
     S:  We love nature.  But it's not love like humans feel love.  We love
safety, security and the sun.
     D:  I too love safety and security.
     S:  We are not as different then.
     D:  How does it feel to spin a web?
     S: Tarantulas do not spin webs- others do and it's a path they make.
     D: Do you have any advice for mankind?
     S:  Look at your resources and use them wisely.  Fear needn't be so
dark.  It's what you make it.

     Kristin mentioned that when we telepath with animals, they can give
advice to us because they know our souls. It's a soul to soul
connection during telepathy  (as I understand it anyway), so they will often tell us what it is we
need to hear right then on a personal level and that even our own animal family members can give us advice onto situations in our lives, because they know us at a deep level.  

    I find it interesting both the tiny spider by the pond and the wild
tarantulas species both told me fear is a choice.  Even if I'd not
admitted it to them, they would have known I am fearful of their kind.  But
knowing what it's like from their perspective makes the fear a little
less severe.  

    Has anybody else chatted with spiders?  I'd love to know more about this gravity connection they have.  I should have asked more about it then! Ah well, another time, another place and I will try again!
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

November 27, 2005, 01:51:30 AM
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I too was very afraid of spiders and snakes. A fear I learned from my mother. As I got older I wanted to overcome those fears, so I faced them head on. With spiders I went to the children's section of the library and checked out a book on spiders. It had all kinds of closeups and told me all about how the live, which are poisonous, etc. The pictures were so cute I could no longer be afraid of spiders. They are really cute if you look at them really close. Also, knowing that only a few can actually open their "mouths" big enough to bite us was comforting. Here in the US I think it was just the black widow and the brown recluse (oh and tarantula of course), neither of which is usually fatal (but the brown recluse really does some tissue damage).

To get over snake fear I went and worked in the herpatorium at the local natural science center. There I handled a variety of snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, etc. I could have no fear, because I was showing them to children and scared adults. I needed to be calm and comfortable with them so they would be, too. I learned what to look for to identify a poisonous snake and found that they are marvelous creatures.

From this I learned to face my fears head on and to educate myself about the reality of the situation.

I am just learning to connect with animals and reading about connecting with other nature aspects. One thing I find is that the information comes so fast that I can't write it down. Most times I've got my answer before I've even completed the question. Just like you I find nature most willing to speak to us. One little funny. I was on a hike with my husband and he suggested we sit and try to communicate with nature. I did, but felt very unsettled. However, I was watching an ant crawl on a leaf and suddenly I heard, very distinctly, "It tickles." I asked what tickles and got the reply the ant. Then I realized that the leaf was communicating with me. That was a real shock, because I'd never knowingly connected with anything before.


November 27, 2005, 01:05:44 PM
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  Thanks for your reply.  I do agree that having knowledge about what you fear helps one be less afraid,  

   I was privledged enough to work with bats this summer, wild bats, small cute little brown bats- hands-on, without gloves.  It was awesome. I learned so much about them- I wasn't afraid of them to beign with, though I was a little unsure about them because I don't know much about them and we all hear stories, but let me tell you, after that wildlife course, I learned so much abou them, it was incredible.  I now really like bats, which is upgraded from me being simply neutral towards them.  

    I think talking with spiders more will help me too.  Spiders at a distance are ok by me.  We'll start there.  

    As for your leaf saying it was being tickled as the ant carried it- that's awesome!!!  Thanks for sharing that!!  

    -Danielle  :)
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

November 28, 2005, 05:17:47 AM
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Awesome post Sparrow!  Back in late August I had a spider living between the screen and sliding glass door which leads onto the sundeck.  As cooler weather approached I knew I'd want to open that door but to do so would tear down the spider's web.

In the past I wouldn't have hesitated to squash the little creature, or other little bugs who find their way inside the house.  Since beginning AC I look at all things in nature from a totally different perspective.

I watched that spider for about a month and was rather fascinated by her movements, even saw her catch and wrap prey in her web one day.  The more I watched, the less I wanted to hurt her by opening the sliding door!

I did a communication one day sort of on a whim, and although nothing very profound came through it was an interesting conversation.  Mind you, I know nothing about spider lifestyles, lol.


To the spider living in my doorway, may I visit with you please?
-S: Yes. You're watching me.

I have been watching. I'm fascinated and a bit intimidated by you.
-S: Why (are you afraid)?

Its just heebie-jeebie human stuff.  You are a beautiful creature.  What is your gender?
-S: Female.

Do you have an egg sack you're guarding?
-S: No, I'm resting now.

Are you young or are you nearing the end of your life cycle?
-S: Don't measure age that way. I am mature with seasons ahead of me.

Did you have babies this season?
-S: Yes earlier, they are all gone now.

Have you molted? Is that what I see hidden up in the corner?
-S: No, an old insect carcass is there.

You said you are resting now?
-S: Yes, resting before the cold.

What do you do when it turns cold?
-S: I wrap up (web ball) and sleep.

You'll then awaken in the next warming?
-S: Yes, another season.

Do you feed and fatten up before sleeping?
-S: I feed when I need to.

Are you comfortable where you are now?
-S: Yes, protected here.

Protected from what?
-S: Weather, predators.

Do you catch prey where you are? (I hadn't seen any prey in the web up to this point.)
-S: No need, I come and go in the dark hours. (Its like she spins temporary hunting webs then returns to the web in my doorway to rest during the daytime.)

Are you planning to winter in this space? I hope not.
-S: Not sure, maybe. I could ball in the corner, but you don't want me to?

Well, its not that I don't want you here.  I will need to use my door soon which would tear your web away.
-S: I see (thinking about this).

I wish I could use my door without harming you but I can't. I don't want to tear your web when you're in it.
-S: I don't want that either.

Would you consider finding another place for your winter home?
-S: Maybe, when its colder.

I won't need the door when its cold, I need it soon during the transition to cold (the autumn months).
-S: Oh, I see.

There's a nice rock wall down below with many crevices and nitches for you to hide in.
-S: I know the wall, I've hunted there.

I'd think spiders would like it there.
-S: Yes but too many (others) there already.

I hadn't thought of that. Well I'm sorry but I really want you to move so I can open my door. You may use the porch, the rafters, the walls - any place except a door or window.
-S: I'll look (for another space). When (will you open the door)?

Soon, another week or two.
-S: I'll look.

How will I know you're gone and its safe to open the door?
-S: You won't see me (anymore).

How will I know you're not just hiding in the corner where I can't see you?
-S: I only retreat there when I'm threatened.

So I won't see you resting in your web anymore?
-S: Yes, keep watching. Please give me time.

I will wait until I haven't seen you for a few days.  
-S: Thank you, I will go soon.

Thank you. I wish I didn't have to ask.
-S: I understand.

Well, it took about two more weeks but finally the spider was no longer there and the web was looking pretty dusty and had some holes in it.  I slowly opened the door and didn't see any scurrying of eight legs.  

Strangely enough, I sort of missed that little spider for a few days even as I enjoyed the fresh air of fall after the air conditioner was turned off.

I have a couple of photos but need to edit before I post them.


November 28, 2005, 02:05:14 PM
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Dear Vicki,

  Thanks for sharing your post! Wow- you politely asked the spider to go and it eventually did.  That's neat.    

   As I was reading it I was just thinking to myself how I don't know of any spiders currently living in my apt. for me to talk to and ask about the gravity thing.  Not that I really want any spiders in my house- they scare me.

   Well- just this very second I went to feed my turtle and I lifted his screen on top of his tank and dropped some food in and put my hand through a web and saw a little spider scrambled off to the side.  

  Now how do you like that?  Talk about perfect timing- I think about one- and it shows up!!!  In a place I couldn't miss it!  I always feed from that corner of the tank, so this spider is a brand new resident in that spot.  

   Thankfully it's tiny, so I can deal with it, but I guess I now have someone to talk to!  

  It's amazing how the universe works at providing JUST what we need.

   I'll chat with the spider soon  and share what I learn here.  

   Take care,

"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

November 28, 2005, 10:35:03 PM
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Here are a couple interesting things about spiders. Did you know that some spiders only need to feed once every few years! I found that amazing. That is why you sometimes find a spider that has spun a web in a place where you know there is no food. They aren't hungry.

Also, when I studied spiders, to get over my fear, I found that wolf spiders are really cute and called wolf spiders because they ar hairy like a wolf. The most interesting are the jumping spiders. One day I was working in the garden and a small black and white jumping spider kept jumping on me (I still don't like them actually on me). I got up and moved to another place in the garden to work and the spider actually followed me and started jumping on me in the new location. I was actually chased out of my garden by a tiny spider. Too bad I didn't know how to communicate with them at that time. I'm sure he/she had a message for me.


December 01, 2005, 05:57:54 AM
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Great information Debra, thanks!  I admit I've never particularly liked spiders and certainly don't want them on me.  This little critter I tolerated because she was on the other side of the glass, lol!

Can't seem to get the photos posted.  Oh well, they weren't that good anyway.


December 12, 2005, 04:59:18 AM
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December 12, 2005, 01:30:32 PM
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  Wow! That's a HUGE spider.  I admit I got the chills just looking at her.  Those legs... they are something.  

   My turtle tank spider only stayed 2 days, then it left.  SO I didn't get to talk with it.  No worries, there are plenty I'm sure I'll find in the future.

   Hopefully outside.  

"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."