Author Topic: Communication with nature elements: Tree stump and Rock  (Read 1539 times)

November 26, 2005, 08:13:00 PM
At the most recent workshop I attended we practiced communicating with nature elements.   I spoke with many, but have included 2 conversations below I had with a tree stump and rock, because they offer widom that may be of interest to other seekers of truth.    

  For this exercise  we were asked to go talk with beings outside that we felt drawn too.  I connected with a tree stump outside a fenced pasture in her country yard  and a large rock near a tree that I sat on.  We were also given a list of questions to ask.

   Both are rather short conversations.  I think I should have spent more time with both elements, but just the same, let me share what I received.   And the info. came fast- so I KNOW it didn't come from me.    :)

   I walked over to a tree stump in Kristin Thompson's yard...

   T= Tree stump
   D= Danielle

    T:  I am a resevoir of life
    D:  What do you wish to communicate?
    T:  Life never ends.  There was a time when I was sure and strong.  When the wind rustled through my branches.  Now I stand in a time between space, tall and proud.  
    D:  What can I give you?
    T:  A prayer for my colony of life that resides within my skeletal bones.  
    (I said a prayer for the tree stump's inhabitants)
    D:  What can you give me?
    T:  The tales of old.  Your history.  The birth of mankind.  
    D:  But were you there/alive then?  
    T:  We all were.
    D:  How was it in the beginning of time?
    T:  We were all one.  We still are.  Just remember.  
    D:  What can we give the earth, you and I?
    T:  Steadfastness.  A place to hold onto.  A place to remember.
    D:  But I don't remember!
    T:  But you will, with time.
    D:  Is it right of me to take something of you?
    T:  Take a leaf.  (I take a leaf resting at the stump's base.)

     A large rock on Kristin's property...

    D:  What do you wish to communicate?
    R:  To listen.  Listen to the sounds of life.  As I listen. Waiting.
    D:  What do you wait for?
    R:  Unity.  The coming together of all.
    D:  What can I give you?  
    R:  You have little to give me.  Just be.   We are simple, formed of the earth. Formed at the dawn of earth- even before. We just are.  
    D:  What can I give you?
    R:  You are already giving it.
    D:  What?
    R:  A voice.
    D:  And what can you and I together give the world?
    R:  Silence. Give silence when it's needed.  
    D:  Silence can be a gift?
    R:  There are those that need it and those that seek it.  
    D:  Which of the two am I?
    R:  You know the answer to that.  (At the time I didn't think I did, but upon reflection, yes, indeed I do know.)
    D:  And will you always be here, rock?
    R:  Perhaps not in this same space, and yet I'll always be.  Just as you are.  
    R:  We hold energy.  
    D:  Tell me about that.
    R:  We give out energy, conserve it to the land.  We are a haven.  Remember to always just be.
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."