Author Topic: Kelli- terrier mix passed- will communicate  (Read 1662 times)

September 03, 2004, 09:29:43 AM
My terrier has passed 07/28/2004 if anyone would like to communicate with her:  she was about 14, terrier mix, blonde female by the name of Kelli (a.k.a. Kellidog or Kellita).  I will be glad to confirm any communications with her; I am VERY new to communication but I have been communicating with her.

October 07, 2004, 11:58:02 AM
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Hi Austin.

I spoke with Kelli.  Sorry it took so long, you kind of got lost in the frey.  
What an energetic and happy girl Kelli is.  Did she die of lung problems?  

She says she is still on the other side and is quite happy.  She says she was met by friends.  Mostly, it was friends from past lives, she said, but she mentioned "a snake from town."  I have no idea what that means.  I also saw that she liked to play with garden hoses, is that right?  I get the impression that might have had something to do with the snake?  She thought it was a garden hose and tried to play with it or something?  She said for me not to question this, it would reveal itself.  So I'll move on.

Are there any white picket fences around?  She mentioned one.  She said  she lived in the suburbs, but the houses were not too close together. She said it got hot there, and she liked to lie in the shade.  Tree shade.  

She said she spent her whole life with you, at least since she was a baby.  Is that true?  And does your name start with an "S"?  Sandi? Suzi?  Something that starts with an "S"?

she said that the house was furnished somewhat traditionally, but kind of "put together."  She says it was cozy and comfortable.  She says she had a round chew toy, one of those spiky rubber ones that squeeks.  Is that accurate?  She loved that.  

She said, "I was so very lucky and well taken care of.  It was a restful life."  She said when she was sick you took good care of her.  

Asking why she left, she just said that it was her time and that she needed to move on.  She said that she misses you, though, and she said to tell you she visits.

Now for the weird one....weirder than the snake.  Was there a time where you came in and couldn't figure out how the light came on?  She says that was her.  She said, "I'm a jokester."  

She said about your communication with her that you are learning and growing. I asked what you learned from each other.  For herself, at first, she said, "patience."  Then she said, "no, not really true, I learned to accept and appreciate life."  She then said that you were the one who learned patience.  And she said that she was short-tempered.

I asked what she would like to tell you. She said:
"Be careful of the wasps."
"I watch over her."
"I miss her and love her."
"I am happy, I want her to be the same. Be well."
"Love you."

She also added that she talks to you all the time, you just don't know it yet.  

Let me know how this went.  What a happy and energetic and playful little girl.  You must miss her terribly, but know that she is there with you.

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October 07, 2004, 11:26:44 PM
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Hi Caat:  

Thanks much for talking with Kelli dog.  Actually, I do know that she talks to me all the time!  and she does watch over me.   She was met when crossing over by an aunt of one of my good friends.  

1).   I was not Kelli's first owner...  in fact I was her third.  My name is Glee so the first initial is wrong.
2).   Yes, she had a playful spirit and did love to play jokes in life, and to have jokes played with her.  I'm not aware of a light incident except for tonight when I came home to find the living room lights unplugged from the wall..... no explanation as I have been on vacation.  
3)  She had a green spikey plastic toy which was absolutely her favorite.  
4).  She did love to sit in the shade by the pond.  There is a brown privacy fence on one side and a chain-link on the other.  I do have a very large backyard which Kelli enjoyed a lot; although in the city, it is very oversized for the location.  
5).  Although there were garden hoses, I have not seen any snakes, and did not know Kelli to play with them (either the hose or the snake!)  
6)  Kelli died from cancer, and did require a lot of medical care and medications prior to her death.   Not lung cancer, but the last day of her life, her breathing was labored.  
7)  I did learn patience from her, especially with her illness.  She was a typical terrier in that she did have a mind of her own.   It was one of her endearing qualities.