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August 17, 2010, 01:34:05 AM
On the evening of August 3rd, my dad and I found a little stray dog at the marina our boat is kept at.  He wound up spending the night with us, as he seemed in the visiting mood, and I didn't want to turn him loose especially after dark.  In the morning, before I got up (but was kind of awake) my dad said he was going to take the little guy to potty and see if he'd head for home.  Had I been more awake, I probably would have been vocal about resisting that idea (okay so pottying is a good idea), as, even though there was now daylight, I was afraid of cars.  Plus, I questioned if he had a home, as he was kind of unkempt (he had some mats, not severe, but enough to wonder if he'd been out for a while).  I tried to offer him some food, but he didn't eat (he did seem to be a good weight, I think he'd been getting food somewhere).  I also put water in the dog crate we kept him in and I don't think he drank.  When my dad got back down to the boat after taking him up, he said he pottied then made a beeline towards town, he said the dog definitely knew where he was going. 

Anyone want to give him a try?  I'm wondering mainly, if he made it home safely.  I'm reassured that he seemed to know where he was going, but he's a little guy, and cars are big.  So there is concern there.  I'm also wondering if he has a home?  Like I said, I'm told he definitely knew where he was going, but the state of his coat made me wonder.  Is he getting food from somewhere?  How did he wind up at the marina? 

Name:  Unknown
Age:  Unknown (I think he's maybe around a year...he didn't have the needle-like puppy teeth, but they didn't have a bunch of tartar on them that I noticed, so I think he's fairly young)
Breed:  Some kind of terrier.  He looked like a yorkie but too big, so possibly a silky terrier.  Not sure if he's purebred or a mix. 
Gender:  Unneutered male. 
Location:  Whitehall, Michigan. 

August 17, 2010, 01:34:49 AM
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Here's another picture.

August 27, 2010, 02:18:16 PM
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Nera, I didn't speak to him specifically but just looking at his picture I am getting the feeling that he has a home but hasn't been there in a while. The feeling is that he was lost (from his home) but has been for some time. So he DID know where he was going when he trotted off, because he's been around there before in the time he's been away from home. Does that make sense?

I will try to find time to connect with him later and see if he made it home.
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September 12, 2010, 08:35:31 PM
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I sensed that he did have a home and that he did know where he was.  He appreciated your kindness, but was glad that your father let him go.