Author Topic: Anyone want some practice?  (Read 2976 times)

February 09, 2011, 01:45:42 PM
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Thanks for the opportunity to practice with Ananda.  She is a real doll!  I'm a little nervous cause I haven't done any communication in a long while...but here's what a got.

She's feeling better but has some hard times.  "hard times, good times, hard times, good times" is what I heard.  Something about not being able to stand a long time and having to sit, but being okay with that.

She did mention that you both got attention at the vet's office!  She "said" you both have the same sense of humor and she loves your laugh.  she also mentioned feeling "nervous" when you go somewhere without her because she thinks you are "having fun without her"!

February 09, 2011, 03:19:56 PM
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I think you got her pretty well, Lisa!

She's been very stiff lately when she gets up after laying down for long periods, and I think she might be getting early arthritis. I am concerned and will be taking her back to the vet's for x-rays as soon as I can save up the money. The vet said it's not critical, but I want to get them done anyway, if just to compare to later.

She DID get a lot of attention at the vet's office. She always does, but particularly the last time we went. Everyone thinks she's so beautiful and two of the vet techs just spent ten minutes sitting on the floor and petting her and telling her how pretty she was, and every which way she turned someone was trying to feed her a treat :)

You nailed the laugh thing. She goes C.R.A.Z.Y. when I laugh, and then I just laugh more. If I just chuckle at something on the computer, she'll jump up from wherever she's laying and look at me and tag her tail and I'll have to say, "No, you're not funny, 'Nanda," so she knows I'm laughing at something else. Then she quiets down and goes and lays down. When I *am* laughing at her, we just go back and forth and back and forth, laughing together. We definitely DO have the same sense of humor!

The one thing I'm curious about is the "having fun without her" comment. I would think that would be upsetting, not nervous. I know she does get nervous if I go somewhere for a longer period of time than I should, or if I go without telling her where I'm going and for how long -- those times she's told me it's because she wants to make sure I'm safe. (Actually, one time when I came home after being gone much longer than she thought I should have, she "yelled" at me: her exact words were, "How can I protect you if you're gone all the time???" lol) So I know she sometimes gets nervous for me, but the having fun without her comment is interesting. If you get any more on that, let me know.

Good job! And I'm glad you liked her :)
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