Author Topic: Anyone want to practice with my dog?  (Read 1658 times)

April 04, 2010, 03:33:46 PM
We recently adopted a sweet Sheltie from a dog rescue here is Oregon.  If anyone would like to practice with him I would love to hear from you.  I know some of his background so I may be able to verify what you get.  His name is Kirby and he will be 9 years young on the 10th of April.  I have included a photo of my sweet boy.
Would love to hear from you!

April 12, 2010, 06:38:47 PM
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I just saw your request..sorry it's taking awhile.  I just took a quick glance and will talk with Kirby more but he did say a few things as I looked at his picture.
He is so relieved to have gone home with you, he's "ready to go to work" and said, "I'm going home".  I'm not sure what he sees his job as, he didn't say, could be a protector, watch dog, etc, I'll ask when I talk to him again.  But when he said the word "home", it was with feeling and pride.
He's beautiful!

April 15, 2010, 05:50:15 PM
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I practiced connecting with Kirby this evening.  He seems alert and smart.  He is grateful and happy to be there with you.  He seems worried and a little nervous, asked, " are they going to keep me?"  I assured him he was safe with you and you obviously care very much for him, taking the time and effort to let us practice with him.
Something about a fire.
I thought he said he had lived with 3 kids (not necessarily children) where it was noisy and they lived in a city.
Any feedback is very much appreciated

April 19, 2010, 08:17:06 PM
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Kirby is a very gentle spirit. When I introduced myself, he asked, "Are you from the practice group?" He is please humans are learning to speak to animals, "we have so much we can teach you".

He's showing me a house that seems to be in a suburban, or possibly rural, area. It is surrounded by greenery and trees. He tells me it is very calm and peaceful - just what he needs.

"Tell my family "thank you" for adopting me". He feels very loved and appreciated - something he hasn't always known. I get the impression his physical needs were met, but not much attention was paid to him previous to coming to you. "I gave and I gave and I gave and I got nothing in return. It's not like that any more."

He's showing me older children (late teens, early 20's).

There is a strong presence of warmth and contentment when I communicate with him. He feels very gentle but tells me, "Yes, I have a gentleness about me, but I can still be boisterous!" I get the sense he's generally a quiet, content dog, but is able to 'perk up' when it's time to play or go exploring ("Exactly!" he tells me as I type this) :)

What a sweet, sweet boy. You are fortunate to have found each other.

October 22, 2010, 05:05:51 PM
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Hi Gracie and Fcrmom,

I am sorry this reply is so late.  I was going to post something about Kirby when I saw that I already had!  Duh!  My Mom passed away shortly after we got Kirby and I guess I zoned out.  Thank you for communicating with Kirby.  Here is what I can confirm:

Kirby is a sweet sweet soul.   He is also very smart.  We live outside of Portland Oregon and we do live in a suburb but it feels more rural.  We are on a hill in the forest.  It is quite peaceful.

You are right that his needs were probably met but possibly not much else.  I think his previous owners loved him very much but were elderly and probably did not devote too much time to his energetic needs.  The only time he went anywhere was to go to the groomer or vet.  He is a great in the car though.  He loves to play all by himself with his toys and that may be because there was no one else to play with.  He grew up on a farm though he was pretty much an indoor dog.  He never got any formal training but he is well mannered.

Yes, he is very gentle but he also loves to play and has a zest for life!  We go for walks in our local State park with lots of trails and good smells.  He has recently "found" his voice and vocalizes when he is excited, when we are close to the park or when I play with him (he loves to play with your socks when you are trying to put them on). 

When his owners died he remained in his house for about a year with their son.  Then he moved in with their daughter who also lives on a farm and has a teenage son so that is probably where you see the older children.  Probably the son and his friend(s).  They weren't able to keep him due to the husbands health issues and two other dogs already in the house.  (Which could account for the "noisy" house) They gave him up to Oregon Dog Rescue which is where I found him!

As far as his "job", I think it is to be my best buddy.  He follows me everywhere (right now he is laying on the floor next to my desk) and I think he might be the spirit of a Sheltie I had many years ago who had a lot of similar personality traits and a sweet heart (who was also a rescue).

I am not sure about the fire issue, but living in Oregon and he growing up in rural Oregon it is quite possible that they burned yard debris and other things on their property, perhaps it scared him.

I am so glad he is happy and grateful to be here because I love him to death!

Thank you both so much for your readings I think you both did a great job.  You gave me push I need to get back into my own animal communication!