Author Topic: Basic Course with Kristin Thompson May 25th 2007 in NY  (Read 1822 times)

March 24, 2007, 06:13:24 PM
Hello!  Kristin Thompson is once again coming to Amsterdam, NY to teacher her 1 Day Basic Animal Communication Class!  I'm very excited to have her return!

Workshop:   1 Day Basic Animal Communication Workshop

Instructor:   Kristin Thompson, Professional Animal Communicator (12 years professional    experience)


When:          Friday  May 25th, 2007

Time:           9:30-5:30pm (bring a bagged lunch)

Where:         Amsterdam, NY (1 hour from Albany)

Cost:            $130*

Class limit:    15 people max.

Registration Deadline:   May 5th, 2007

Workshop Description:

Learn to locate and develop the place within yourself where you are able to connect telepathically with animals. Discover ways to be open to and experience animals' viewpoints, perceptions and the world from their perspective. Explore how you have already experienced telepathic communication with animals in the past and now how to expand and grow in these areas.  

 Learn how to send and receive communication with animal companions. Practice two-way communication with animals who are at the workshop and at home. Receive animal’s feelings, thoughts and the essence of their being. Become aware of your successes and blocks to communicating telepathically with animals.

Workshops are conducted in supportive groups with guiding energies and much time for practice. Exercises allow you many opportunities to experience communicating with animals.  Relax and enjoy this fun, mind-opening experience that can open you further to share life and love with our animal companions on the earth.  

  Please e-mail me here for more info. or for a registration form.  
  -Danielle  :)
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