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October 05, 2006, 07:40:58 AM
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Hey everyone, new around here, new to animal communicating even though I've thought about it for years. I've really been trying to get this right but it hasn't been going well.

Also, I posted a communication request for my cat, we're having problems, I'd really appreciate it if someone would please try and work with her.

I am pretty certain that the thoughts I'm sending to my animals are getting through.. although they are probably unclear and garbled.
I definitely am not receiving anything though. (Not saying they aren't sending.. I'm just saying that I'm not receiving).

The reason being, I can't seem to relax enough or clear my mind enough.. my mind is just zooming with thoughts all the time and I can only keep it clear for a couple of seconds (making it hard to focus on sending let alone receiving). I know I'm not giving my animals a chance to respond (my thoughts pour back in). I've never really done meditating before this and I'm just used to thinking alot.

Any tips on just slowing down and clearing my mind? I do some breathing stuff but I'm still thinking about "okay now breath the tension out, etc" I just can't seem to calm down for more than a few seconds! And by the time I'm calm my animals have found something better to do! Lol :)

Let me know what you guys do,

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October 08, 2006, 12:05:03 AM
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I'll be very interested in the answers you receive because II have the
Same problems. Either that or I fall asleep. Ann

October 08, 2006, 06:34:24 AM
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Hi!  Just a couple ideas for you... my first recommendation is always to take a basic animal communication class if possible as you can move a long way fast in this area.

   Other ideas:  I was taught to try to keep my mind quiet by thinking of creating a "reception" room in your mind where you receive info.  This is the place where you blank out your mind for a few seconds if that's what you can do sucessfully and then start to increase the length of time. I used to practice while in the car.  I'd pick two points (such as b/w two signs) and tell myself "try to stay silent" for that distance.  I worked with short distances first and then longer ones.

    It takes practice.  As a kid I used to play that same game on my own walking home from the bus stop.  I thought the " silent mind game" was something I'd made up until I'd learned about AC.  Now I look back to when I as 12 and think, "Wow, I musta known SOMETHING about the importantance of being quiet, back then!"

     My AC teacher would also say to sit quiet and if your own thought comes through say "yup, ok" (to acknowledge it) and then let go of the thought.  If it returns, repeat your words.  Do that for any and all thoughts until they slow down in coming.  Then you'll find as you empty your mind of thoughts, the peace and quiet is actually nice.  

     The silence between your thoughts is the place you want to be.  That's the place where you can receive the thoughts of others. Animals or otherwise.  

      Do a google search on animal communication and meditation (separate).  If you ask for guidance as you search, I'm certain you'll be led to whatever info. will best help you personally.

     Also check out the other areas of this site.  Many posts are helpful in guiding you to AC books that teach how to become quiet enough to receive.   Most of the basic AC books include this in their teaching.  

     And remember, anybody can learn how to do this.  Keep an open mind.  Also visualize what you want yourself to do.  See yourself doing it.  Imagine seeing yourself sitting and holding an empty mind.  Imagine holding your reception room open for the animals to filter through into.

     I'd recommend saying a prayer/sentence asking for protection first though from the universe, Spirit, God, Goddess, etc. whomever you trust in.   Asking for their assistance in all this helps greatly too and can also help get you get the guidance you need to suceed.  

       I look forward to seeing your posts on here, practicing, when you feel ready.  

       Take care,

       Danielle :)
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

October 08, 2006, 09:35:59 PM
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Thank you Danielle for that answer. I must admit I have not been doing that I will try harder.

October 09, 2006, 06:53:01 PM
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Thanks for your response, those were some great ideas. Finding the time to practice something you aren't successful with is hard, I really like the idea of practicing in the car between stops, etc.

The idea of a reception room isn't something I had heard of, but I've heard of others and thought maybe I'd voice them here:

Have a tunnel (like a car tunnel, with a focus point at the end and slowly visualize yourself moving along this tunnel until your focus point is all that you see and fills your vision (this is good for setting up)

Picture a flame that "burns" your thoughts away.

Picture a sea of thoughts and then "part the sea" (like Moses) gives you a clear path of communication and all your thoughts are held at bay.

Have your thoughts disappear in bubbles (every thought floats away in a bubble or balloon).

I can't think of any more right now but those are some that I've tried. Some work better for others than for me, but I've accomplished the "silence" just not for long.. I'll have to just practice more often I think.

Thanks for the suggestions!

- Jessica

P.S. Could someone please try and contact my cat? (see communication requests: cats). She's acting out and I can't figure out why no matter what I do.. I'm too new at this to hear what she has to say and she's causing some major damage in my house..


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October 22, 2006, 08:31:53 AM
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Thanks, Danielle, for the tips.  I learned something from you too, Jessica.  I like the parting of the water and the bubbles.  I will try to keep those in mind the next time thoughts come in and out.  I do agree with Danielle with the ackowledging part.  I think it's important to acknowledte the thought or else the resistance of not doing it will just have them coming back, if that makes any sense.    For me, the quieting of the mind is a constant practice to get better at.   I encourage you to just keep trying to meditate and you will see that in time, you will get better at it.  I know it's not much reassurance now, but just trust in it and with your intention and practice, it will happen.