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September 07, 2006, 09:11:19 PM
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Hello Everyone!
I'm a newbie to the group and the world of animal communication.

I currently share my home with three cats and two dogs (and my husband too... poor guy, I always mention "the kids" first)... all five are amazing and teach me something new every day.

My big boy, Tua, has lead me towards this journey. He passed away suddenly in February. And while it was the most sad day of my life, he has taught me so much since he passsed into spirit.

Its been really great reading everyone's postings so far, and I look forward to sharing with all of you.

I'll post a few pictures of my furry kids (as soon as I figure out how) for anyone who would like practice communicating with them. They're all really fabulous and I'm sure they'd love to "chat".

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!
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September 08, 2006, 07:14:28 AM
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Welcome, Claudine!  So glad to have you here. :-)

I'm very sorry about Tua. You will find people here who all know how hard that is, and who are very supportive.  But, like you, many of us were brought to animal communication in the same way.  Having lost someone we love so very much who goes on to keep teaching us from the spirit world.

I look forward to meeting all of your 'kids.'  And anytime you want to jump in with a communication, please just pick someone and ... well ... jump in! :-)  We've found it a great experience to be able to practice with so many giving animals and so many giving guardians.  

Again, welcome.  Glad to have you here. :-)

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