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June 07, 2006, 09:54:07 PM
Hiya everybody!

Im Yvonne and Im in Australia. Ive got a cat Kestrel who has some issues and who I really dont get which is why I wanted to learn to communicate with animals. That and I want to be a veterinary nurse and thought it might help in working with animals. I guess Im only half a student really. Ive come here looking for advice on how to start to learn to communicate. Im after names of books and things like that and Ive already noticed theres a whole section dedicated to that. Im guessing that people who have been doing it for a while who are on here might also be a valuable source of tips on where to start. I dont know that there would be many seminars for me to attend over here and if there are any theyre probably on the east coast. The west is better though lol. Anyways Im going to get into reading posts and see what I can learn.

"When you step to the ledge of all the light you have left, and you take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you might believe one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you step upon, or you will learn how to fly."

June 08, 2006, 05:24:10 AM
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Hi!  Workshops were a wonderful place for me to start personally. Books supported me, but I admit I needed a workshop to help me move.  I lOVE the workshops anyway.  

  Go to for more info.  Fromthat sitethere is one Australian listed to does AC workshops.  There may be more and contacting this person and asking for another AC'r  who might be closer to you would likely assist you.  

  Most AC'rs have a network of others I'm finding that they trust and recommend.  And they are very willing to share this info. I find.  AC'rs know the importance of helping to expose poeple to animal communication (AC) for the benefits of the planet and all beings.  

  Good luck on your search.  Anybody can learn this and it's wonderful.  



Trisha McCagh P.O. Box 1123, Lane Cove NSW 1595 Australia; Consultations with all species including those in spirit. Workshops, lectures and tutoring available.
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

June 08, 2006, 09:32:48 AM
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i think seminars would be great seeing as youre getting knowledge first hand from a professional. maybe Rosemary, cant remember her last name at the mo, the AC'r i talked to a few weeks ago does seminars on AC. i know she does a lot of alternative remedies stuff which would also be cool to learn about.

i thought id be okay with books because im a total bookworm and i do have some sort of undeveloped ability i think. i pick up on people who have passed. like i know when they come to visit me. ive never talked to them though because i never even considered that i could. i just thought i could feel them. i also pick up on places where theres residual energy i guess youd call it from a passing. generally the more violent or cases where people were in distress or a lot of pain or something similar is what i get. i also get just the someone laid in this room and left the physical world peacefully. i dont know if it has a name or not but i felt the passing of my uncle who had a heart attack (woke up at the exact time he was having it and leaving this world feeling like i was having a heart attack. he was on the other side of the world and id only ever met him once) and a friend who took his life. and ive felt a few others leave too. i was dreading feeling my grandad leave us but i just put it to the universe i suppose because i didnt ask any specific being and asked not to feel it and i didnt. honestly it scares me that i pick this stuff up so ive never tried honing it any further and have often doubted if i even have any ability or if its all just been coincidence. looking at it written down though thinking that seems entirely stupid. the things we can convince ourselves of huh. oh and on the animal side of things i think i might have felt my friends dog leave. i knew she was being PTS but i didnt know exactly when as the vet was going to her home so she could be with her human mum and dad and her furry brothers and sister when she went. i was suddenly overcome by this calm, peaceful sensation. it was bizarre.

i feel like a total freak right now lol. my mum always jjust says im weird. she doesnt not believe me but i think she doesnt know what to think really. especially after i had an invisible friend when i was 3-4 that i had proper conversations with outloud and i swear to this day i was talking to someone/thing. i couldnt tell you for the life of me its personality or what it looked like because its so long ago that i dont remember but it was definately there and it was good and it had this really weird name that i cant remember either lol.

"When you step to the ledge of all the light you have left, and you take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you might believe one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you step upon, or you will learn how to fly."

June 09, 2006, 02:33:20 PM
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Hello and welcome Yvonne!  I found your post quite interesting.  Like you, I always knew I had some abilities but I kept them squashed and for a long time never attempted to develop them.  The biggest reason was fear - fear of the unknown, fear of looking foolish or crazy to others, fear of going against my early religious training, etc., etc.

My first real experiences with expanded intuition came from attending workshops on 'energy' modalities and learning to assess and balance the energy fields.  This gave me a deeper sense of Spirit than I'd ever had before and connected me to other like-minded people.

I began AC by reading books and simply becoming more aware of what could be.  Then I found this website and actually began practicing, and things just sort of exploded for me.  It was still scary at first, putting my communications out there for public view.  But the more I practiced the more my confidence grew.

I just started doing AC in August 2005 and have now done close to 70 readings.  I've recently 'outed' myself (so to speak, lol) with family, friends and co-workers.  It's funny, people express a fair amount of skepticism and yet I keep getting requests!  

I've personally learned a lot from reading through the posts on this board and seeing other peoples' methods and styles.  I take whatever I can from books, others' experiences, etc., and then incorporate it to fit my own style.  

Again, welcome!  Bigcaat has created a wonderful site here for community and friendship.

Hugs to you,

PS - Danielle, so good to see you posting!  I owe you a long letter, lol.

June 11, 2006, 02:29:29 AM
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thanks for that. i dont feel like such a nutter now lol. my other half thinks im a bit weird. he accepts the knowing when people who we re attached to us in the physical world are around but i mention AC and he just gives me this look. hes like a fence sitting sceptic. he'll believe it when he wants to and when he doesnt youre a loony in his eyes lol.

ive never been to any seminars because of being a student so i was broke and not being able to drive which im still working on lol (just failed test for the 1st time a few months ago :roll:). my cousin also has abilities and shes worked on them a bit and has gotten into others things so shes introduced me to things like reiki (feels sooooo good lol) and has a lot of friends who ive talked to who are psychic and things. the two of us actually have some weird connection. like, and this might sound stupid, if we miss a phonecall from one and other we both suddenly feel compelled to ring the other (no we're not cheating with caller ID lol) . and if she needs something or is having a hard time or whatever i just know. my little brother and i are also very connected in that way. hes like 9 now and i noticed abilities within myself when i was about 11 so im guessing he might be the same. he a bit weird too. hes going to a catholic and is catholic but my mum isnt so he doesnt really go to church. he went to a Buddhist temple when he was about 7 as a school trip because he was learning Indonesian at school and he absolutely fell in love with it. he just loved the atmosphere and became obsessed with Buddas. mum had given him some money for the trip and he bought a little Keyring with a Budda on it for himself and one for mum. everytime he saw one he would literally break down in tears if he couldnt take it home with him. it might sound like just a spoilt child thing but how many little kiddies beg for Buddas to be bought for them as opposed to toys?? he says he doesnt like them anymore but ive caught him staring at them when we go out shopping.

blarg i really need to get those books. cant wait to start working and have some cashola with which to purchase them. i need to just take that step into the unknown. whats the worst that could happen?? i might not be able to do it. that would be updetting but not the end of the world. at least i tried i guess.

"When you step to the ledge of all the light you have left, and you take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you might believe one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you step upon, or you will learn how to fly."