Author Topic: Hi from Ohio!  (Read 1235 times)

January 16, 2006, 07:40:02 PM
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Hi all.....I posted a hello (but in the wrong  So I'll just a do a quickie here!

My husband and I live in Ohio with our four dogs (two GSDs and two Chinese Cresteds) and our four cats (two DLH and two DSH).  

We are heavily involved in rescue for Chinese Cresteds with Crest-Care (the national breed rescue for Cresties).  I love every minute of it and so many people ask me how I can have an animal in my home and then give it up.  I just tell them that rescue is the sweetest heartache you'll ever know.  And I know that this dog was so speical to me, they will be just as special to someone else.  It would be selfish of me not to share that with another lucky family.

I do not communicate with animals but have visited a communicator before with my old dog, Scooter.  She was my heart and my world.  I miss her still to this day (it's been 4 years).  She was a sweet bearded collie mix that we rescued when I was 8 years old.  She was almost 17 when she passed.  My mom and I took her to a communicator when she was around 14 and it was the best thing we could have ever done!  She told us so many things about Scoot that you couldn't know unless you lived with us.

Anyway, I'm really glad to have found this site and hope to talk with many of you!  What you do is amazing and I really hope you'll share some of your stories since I really enjoy reading them!
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