Author Topic: New Game: If my animal were a human....  (Read 1793 times)

September 13, 2008, 12:37:33 PM
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This is a new game that can be ongoing.  We all know that animals have just as distinct personalities as do humans.  That being so, if your animal were a human, what profession or hobbies do you think they would choose, or have chosen, for themselves?

It works this way:
1. Post a pic of the animal.
2. Briefly describe the animal's personality.
3. Let us know what you think the animal would 'be' if he or she were human.


This is Puma.  Puma loved having her picture taken and would uncannily 'pose' for you when taking it.  She was also extraordinarily beautiful.

If Puma had been human, I think she would have been a fashion model.  In her later life, I think she would have been one of those women who aged gracefully, still loved having her picture taken, and maybe developing an exclusive line of make-up and running the business for it with a lot of class and grace. 

That was Puma.  cs:)
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