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August 08, 2006, 08:59:40 AM
Thanks to everyone who responded with information about Bamboo, who was missing for 7 1/2 days. He was in my next door neighbor's basement. They had been in and out, but he was frightened and hid. They became suspicious when their dog's rawhide bone that they kept throwing into the garbage, kept appearing on the floor. Bamboo was hungry.

Again, thank you.

Barbara Angelo

August 09, 2006, 05:06:52 AM
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It is so great to read this news about Bamboo!  Thanks for sharing him with us all here Barbara.  Maybe after his little adventure he will be more cautious about slipping out next time.  I know you both must be very happy and relieved.

August 09, 2006, 07:18:31 AM
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He must have been terrified because the neighbor said that they had been in and out of the basement many times and had left the door open!

It is wonderful to know there are caring people who will try to help with a problem at this web site.

Thanks again, Vicki.

August 09, 2006, 07:00:40 PM
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Oh Barbara!  I'm so pleased!  Please give him extra hugs and kisses for all of us.
I'm so happy for the both of you.  I just love happy endings.  :D

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