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June 19, 2006, 03:07:27 PM
My spouse and I rescued Saffron Cat, also called Saffy, who was malnourished and in danger, on Friday night in Austin, Texas.  An emergency vet thinks she is no older than three years old, and she recently had a litter of kittens, though the vet didn't know if it was recent or if the kittens were older.

The emergency vet recommended we not release her back where we found her given the gravity of the situation, but the next day we searched the area thoroughly and my spouse received information from someone that her kittens died.  There is no way we can verify this.  She is still producing milk and the vet thinks this is due to the immediate improvement to her nutrition rather than that there were little kittens to be nursed.  We hope saving her did not kill the kittens, but without making this entry longer than it already is, we had no choice.

Saffy is a sweetie, and she loves being petted and loved on even thought she is semi-feral.  However, she also acts very pensive and makes very sad mewls that are heartbreaking to hear.  We have a lot of experience with ferals and her behavior is unlike any we have seen before, even with cats who lost their babies.  She is so sweet and so terribly sad and pensive.  Can someone try to reach Saffron Cat and see what we can do to help her mentally and physically through this terrible adjustment?  Is there any form of comfort we can give her that will ease her mind?  Does she know we did what we did to save her and that we did all we could to save her babies, if they were there to be saved?

Many thanks, and here are some pics of this lovely girl the night we brought her home with us.

Saffy looking pensive.

A close look at her face.

Saffy kneads the ground and the air when she gets pettin's.

First pic ever taken of Saffron Cat.

June 20, 2006, 05:25:51 AM
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Hello Ghostrose!  What a beautiful girl Saffy is!  Although obviously of the domestic tabby variety, her markings are quite unique.  Her ears and the shape of her face suggest an exotic bloodline as well.  Her sweetness is very apparent in her expressive eyes.

Although I've been doing AC for almost a year now I still very much consider myself a student.  This is exactly the kind of situation I've been looking to gain experience in.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to validate so I have to go on faith for this reading.


Good morning Saffy.  You are such a beautiful cat!  (Introduced myself, explained I only wanted to visit from afar, that I'd like to convey her information to the humans caring for her.)  

I understand life hasn't been very pleasant recently and I know you're very nervous.  Are you willing and able to visit with me this morning?

-VERY nervous and uncertain, wary and watchful, easily startled
-as we connect more deeply she acknowledges her need for human intervention

General information (I didn't ask so much in direct questions here, just let the information flow from her) -

-fully grown but still young (yes, 2-3 years old feels right)
-a sense that she hasn't always been feral; she had a home with humans, maybe more than one home; a feeling of being 'passed around'

-not sure if she wandered off or was simply 'let go' as in the humans didn't really care whether she hung around or not (perhaps the very people who told you the kittens had died!)

-has basically been on her own for some time at least; she wasn't very successful at it, food was sporadic as her hunting skills weren't as well-honed as a true feral's would be; found scraps & hand-outs here and there

-impregnated by a roving tom, was following her instincts and body signals; getting that this was her first pregnancy in spite of her age (and I say that because many ferals/strays will reproduce as early as 10-14 months)

-had very poor nutrition during pregnancy, a sense that the kittens were underdeveloped as a result; seeing a small litter of 3 (I think), one stillborn, the other two died shortly after birth, they were too weak to even suckle

-I'm getting that Saffy didn't really know what to do, her intincts only went so far and she didn't have 'training' from a role-modeling mother cat; also get that she was not part of a feral community so there were no other cats around (as in sharing the work of the pride, so to speak)

-her mournful cries are a reaction to the severe stressors of her recent experience (don't think its been very long since the birthing) - physical and emotional stress, she knows her babies died; this is a sign of her maternal drive, as her hormones and nutrition adjust back to normal this drive will fade (its fading already every day)

-she feels great relief at being warm, dry and fed without effort, but is frightened and uncertain of her future (will this last, she asks??)

-she so appreciates your kindness, she shows you her gratitude by allowing the physical affections; she wants to bond with you but she hasn't had much experience with close human relationships, she's afraid she'll end up on her own again

-for now she needs to rest and recover, she's feeling stronger already

-getting that she'd really like to stay right where she is, at least for now; she hasn't felt this safe and comfortable for a long time

I conveyed images to her of a loving human relationship.  I reassured her that you are very taken with her and want to help her feel better.  I gave her lots of mental hugs & petting and sent her some loving energy for healing.   She purrs quietly as she accepts my attentions.

She indicated a need to rest so we closed.

Again, nothing you can validate but what I got from Saffy seems to fit what you posted about her.  Such a sweet soul!

Thank you Ghostrose, for rescuing this pretty girl and for your own sweet soul!  Continue to offer love and affection while letting her set the pace.  Are you planning to actually adopt her or are you thinking you'll find her a permanent home?  

I'd very much like to hear how she's doing and would be pleased to communicate with her again in a week or two, when she's feeling better.

Hugs to you for your open heart!

June 27, 2006, 10:48:11 PM
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Vicki, thanks so much for talking with Saffron!  She seems to be settling, but if you would like to talk to her, please feel free to do so again.  Her story takes more turns than any other cat I have ever rescued.

Saffron's story has changed a bit since I posted her.  We stumbled across five kittens next to where we were told Saffron lived with her litter.  The person who told us she thought all of the kittens had died was a single mother on a tight budget who could not do much more than give Saffron table scraps, but she cleaned up the mauled body of one of Saffron's kittens.  There are drug dealers and thugs who will let their mistreated dogs off the leash so they can attack the cats we have started trapping.  Our presence there is reducing the amount of activity by those dreadful people and we've involved the police more than once when we faced problems.  But a dog got one of Saffron's kittens, that much she knew for sure.

The lady who spoke to my spouse told him that after that kitten died, Saffron either moved the kittens or the dogs got them and took them away, but she never again saw Saffron with her kittens.  

Late last week, something told me to look in the backyard next to that woman's duplex and we found five kittens there, about 8 weeks old, and older than we were led to believe Saffron's kittens to be.   I have no idea what led me there but l literally had a little voice that said to look next door. We have trapped four (we're working on the last one and making sure he is safe-ish in the meantime) and brought them to Saffron and even if they were not her kittens, she was happy to see them and has taken them on as her own.  They certainly like her and consider her their mum.  But again, there is no proof these kittens are Saffron's.  The woman who told us about her insisted her kittens were probably no more than four weeks old because she could recall when Saffron gave birth.  These kittens are eight to nine weeks.

But one thing really resonated with me about your reading--the idea that Saffy is very sad about the prospect of being out on the streets again.  We tried to use her for "bait" to get the last kitten to come into a trap, hoping her calls would lure him.  He talked to her but would not come out,  even though she cried piteously the entire time.  In half an hour she cried herself hoarse.

When she came back inside into my office where she lives, she immediately calmed and began purring, weaving in and out of our legs.  She searched the room for a moment and I thought she was searching for her remaining lost kitten, but she really seemed quite happy to be back inside.  I think her fear of being homeless again is the emotion that drives her the most.

In the fullness of time, Saffron will be spayed, get her shots and I will find her a loving home.  After a trip to the emergency vet, we learned she is pregnant with two kittens and we are going to let her have those two and then no more.  We have 11 permanent cats and Saffy needs a home where she can be the center of attention--she is definitely part Siamese, from the highly strung nature to the talkativeness.  We will do the same for all her babies/foster kittens.  I am an old hand at finding excellent homes for my rescues.

I would love it if you could speak with her again.  There is so much conflicting information on this little cat.  

If you like, I have talked about Saffron quite a bit in a journal I maintain.  If you want to get more info on her, here are some links to her story.  Be warned: I have a potty mouth :(

July 21, 2006, 02:30:39 PM
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I have decided to post this without reading what you worte.  I looked at her photo and read the first part about the age. Decided if I read it after, I'd chicken out on sending it so I dont' know what I'm going see after I e-mail this.
Thank for letting me talk with her

Conversation with Saffron:
A: Hi Saffrn, your cargiver gave me permission to talk with you.  Is that OK

S:Sure (she's very nonchalant I feel)

S:  I take five pills a day.

A: Why is that

S: I’m sick

A: Would you let me scan your body to see how you’re feeling?

S:Stiff neck, shows me swivling her neck around stiffly.  Aches, radiates heat.

A: How do your neck get like this?

S: Shows me a large man I a white t-shirt, grey sweat shorts and work boots picking her up by the back of her neck and duping her in a dumpster.

A: I’m so sorry that that happened to you Saffron.  What did that feel like for you

S:I knew that someone would find me.  I was a little scared

A:The shows me her in an older model car which his grey inside with a roll-up widow metal handle standing up on the passenger’s side staring out the window.  Feels happy and very alert.  Excited also.  

A: Who’s car is that.  That ‘s the lady who found me.

A:Is that your person now.  

S: No.

A: Is there anything that would help your neck that you know of

S: Heat, shows me gets a rub but says to do it gently.  Also shows me acupuncture
needles. So sore

A:  Does the vet do anything that helps

S:Show me the vet is a man with a beard. He laughts a lot, big hands. He’s funny, gives a lot of options but not sure what to do exactly.

S:My hip

A: Did you say your hip

S: Hip, yeah, yeah, yeah, hip.  Shows me her walking sideways and sort of jumping back.  Like the leg doesn’t work that well. Injections loosen it up.  Shows it rotating.

A: How did that happen to your hip

S: It happened in the dumpster. Show the leg catching as she falls on the side of the dumpster.

A: What are you favorite qualities about yourself

S: I’m playful and fun
What about physical appearance.

S: My eyes are gold and searching.
What types of thinks do you like to do that only your caregiver knows

S: Shows me grabbing woman’s high heals with no backs to them.  Some jewelry on the front part that goes over the foot.  Thinks there pretty.

S:Shows me people fishing off of a boat. I also get that it was July 14.  I wanted to go she says
Also shows me herself stretched out with her right arm in front of her and her head resting on it.
Chuckles and then shows herself on a bed rolling over onto her back.  

A: I was just wondering, you had some difficult things happen to you, how do they effect you now, if they do

S:It  affects me but I don’t let it keep me down.  I’m content now

A:What kind of food do you eat

S: Science Diet.  It’s good for my teeth and bones. Shows me her stomach bloated and I get a feeling that there were parasites.

A: Do you still have parasites

S: No Gone now.

A:Thank you

S:Thank you

July 21, 2006, 02:45:13 PM
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Hi again,
I just read what you worte.  First of all, I forgot to tell yu that in the origanl conversation I send her some Reiki to the neck and hind quarters.

OK, so I went back in  and refocused the conversation.  The nonchalant feelng that I got before makes more sense.  It felt low energy

A:SAffron, I just read from your cargiver that she is very concerned about you.
S: I'm a little depressed
A:Is there anything that she and her husbadn can do to help you
S:Just let me grieve and let go of m kittens
A:Was it too soon that they took you away from your kittens
S:No, it had to happen. They did their best
A:They are very concerned and I hear that you need time but is there something that they could do to help you feel any better
S:Shows me a yellow knitted blamket in teh baclground not necessarily something that she uses.
Shows me getting petted
S:I understand but it takes time.  Shower me with love and affection.  I'm thirsty, dehydrated.
A: Could I send you some positive energy
S: Yes
A: I send her yellow light and sparkly energy falling all aroudn her and on her
S:Feels tingly adn energizing.
A:Thank you for letting me talk with you again.

July 21, 2006, 08:09:17 PM
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So, I feel like the communication was really off. I guess there's not much to do about it now, though. Sorry!

July 21, 2006, 11:41:04 PM
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Quote from: "Wolfie"
So, I feel like the communication was really off. I guess there's not much to do about it now, though. Sorry!

Anne, I'm not sure it's off at all.  We have no way of knowing if these kittens with her are her kittens, so she may well be mourning her own kittens. And if these are her babies, there is one out there we have not been able to trap yet.  She may well be missing that kitten.  We are also finding out she has a sister who is out in that field who also has kittens.  She and her sister likely raised their kittens together (some of the ones we trapped may have been her sister's) and she misses those kittens.  There's a whole complex of inter-related cats we are dealing with, so she may have been separated from cats she has known for a long while, if not actively related to.

This neighborhood is rough but in the process of being "gentrified."  In the process of remodeling homes, there are those portable dumpsters everywhere.  The field where we ultimately grabbed her was behind an industrial complex that also has dumpsters.  The way people abandon their pets here, I can see someone literally throwing a cat away.

Also, since she is weaning the kittens, she spends a lot of time high up on a shelf where they cannot get to her.  She spends a lot of time alone this way.

Moreover, the heat you felt may be because she is pregnant.  Being pregnant in the summer in Texas, even with AC, is still probably awful.  That may also account for the bloat you saw that you attributed to parasites.

She does not have a hip problem, but when the vets tried to shave her tummy to give her an ultrasound, she fought like a devil and got nicked pretty bad on her right side, above her thigh joint.  I don't recall if the vet tech that night had a beard but he sure laughed a lot.  He couldn't believe that such a small cat put up such a fight.  The scab only recently fell off but her fur still shows a gap. --My spouse just reminded me that that same night at the vet's, she got away from them and almost made it under an ummovable piece of equipment.  The vet grabbed her by one leg to keep her from going under all the way and the vet tech had to stab her in the muscle on that thigh with a hypodermic with a sedative.  She may have some hip pain still because if it.  I'll get it checked out at her next vet visit. --

Saffron can only be picked up by securing the scruff of her neck when lifting her, so that may explain her neck pain.  I'll stop doing that for a while.

Saffron is still nursing and I bet she feels dehydrated.  She's actually a thirsty girl.  She drinks water constantly.  She's got no kidney problems but I suspect she's always going to be very impressed with water bowls.

This is very interesting.  Even parts that are "off" have some elements of them that ring true.  I appreciate that you talked to her before reading all of my info--like I said, there's a lot there that you hit on that I did not discuss elsewhere.  Also, who's to say that the cats, like children, may not experience one thing and attribute elements of it to something else.  Being dumped into a dumpster was probably so traumatic that Saffron may attribute later pains to that experience.  So maybe in her experience the dumpster, if it happened, comes to mind whenever anything unpleasant happens to her.  Maybe to her all pain will become associated with the trauma of being thrown away?

Thanks for reading Saffron.  Please feel free to do it again whenever you like as long as she remains with me.  She certainly shows no ill effects and was quite affectionate all day so she doesn't mind.  She's part Siamese and certainly likes to talk :)

July 22, 2006, 04:28:54 AM
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Thanks so much for the reasurance.  I have found that since my cat passed away almost four weeks ago that it is a little bit more difficult for me to do this-sort of like my  "powers" are weeakend-just kidding!
Thank you again