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June 06, 2006, 08:22:48 PM
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Hi ! I'm new here and am so happy that I've stumbled upon this forum. My cat Mr.Kelly passed away about 6yrs ago and I miss him dearly. I was hoping that somebody could connect with him and let him know that his mommy misses and loves him so much and that I hope that he is happy. I still think about him everyday.  I used to travel a lot for work and the day he died, I had just got back from a trip but sadly, he had already passed and I could not say goodbye. I still feel guilty about it.  Whenever I used to pack for a trip, he'd sometimes jump into my suitcase as if telling me to take him along too. I miss him.

here's a pic

thank you

June 10, 2006, 10:29:58 AM
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Hi, Jan and welcome!  Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with Mr. Kelly.  I did this reading in my comfy chair, which is the most relaxing place for me, but at the same time, it was the first time doing a reading here.

Mr. Kelly is such a handsome guy!  I sensed that he loved to cuddle and enjoyed lot of gently pettting and caressing.  He was very excited and happy that someone wanted to speak with him.  It was as if he has been waiting a while for this opportunity.  

He was very happy and comfortable where he lived.  Was he more of an indoor cat?  Mr Kelly was mellow and calm and relaxed.  

Can you tell me about the traveling?
I saw an image of a woman with dark blond/ brunette, curly hair.  The lady would feel guilty while packing.  She would look over at him as he just stared quitely and gently.  It was as he wanted to say something but just kept quiet cuz he completely understood the situation.  He indicated that he was well taken care of while she was gone.  There was a man who wasn't as detail oriented as her, but he loved her a lot and cared for her.

Would you describe the passing?
The man took her to to vet and that's where he passed.  Before he went to the vet, he knew that his physical life would end there and he was okay with it.  I sensed that it was old age/ body getting tired, old.   There was bad energy at the hind end, near tail or hind legs.

Where are you now?
I saw very colorful color.  There were lots of red, yellow, and orange, in almost leaf-like patterns.  It was like autumn colors.  There was a small area of thick, lush, green grass.  I saw an image of a white rabbit, representing innocence and purity.

Mr Kelly knows that you miss him very much.  I told him that you think of him every day.  He said "in our journey ahead, we may meet again."  There was a phrase to think of the green tree (looked like a pine tree to me) with the yellow ribbon.  He says that you are doing fine.  And that you are doing the same thing or doing something the same.  He visits you and sends you lots of love.

Thank you, Mr. Kelly for speaking with me.

Time doesn't wash away any of the special memories we've had with our loved ones.  Sometimes I think about my friend, Mario, who passed on a year and 8 months ago and it's as if I'm right there with him again (even though physically, it seems so long since he's passed)  and that makes me smile again.

Thank you, Jan.  I enjoyed communicating with Mr. Kelly.  He's such a gentle spirit.  I hope this helps you.

June 13, 2006, 02:53:11 AM
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Wow ! A reply....I was sooo excited when I checked my email and finally got a reply.  Thank you so much for taking the time ! I'm very grateful and so is Mr.Kelly, I'm sure ! I have to admit, I had tears when I was reading....

Yes, he's a very handsome cat...people that used to come to the house always had that to say about him.

Yes, he was an indoor cat, mostly napped on my bed and when I'd sleep, he'd  lay his head on my pillow too and eventually his whole body would end up on the top of my head....he was very loving.

At the time, I was still living with my family and we had quite a big yard. Mr. Kelly wasn't the only pet, we had 4 dogs and at one point,had 10 other cats. He was sort of like the 'king' of the pets....he didn't socialize much with them eventhough they all got along well.  Some of our cats even slept with the dogs. They all would run around the yard and play, except for Mr.Kelly, who only went out when he needed to go to the 'bathroom'.

Yes, he was very well taken care of ! Like I said, he was like the 'king' ! When I was away on trips, he would go down to the kitchen himself and ask whoever was  there for food....cuz when I was home, I would carry him down for feeding time.....I did spoil him. It was so funny that our other pets would not even dare disturb him when he was eating.

[quote]Can you tell me about the traveling?
I saw an image of a woman with dark blond/ brunette, curly hair. The lady would feel guilty while packing. She would look over at him as he just stared quitely and gently. It was as he wanted to say something but just kept quiet cuz he completely understood the situation. He indicated that he was well taken care of while she was gone. There was a man who wasn't as detail oriented as her, but he loved her a lot and cared for her.

I have dark hair and the man would have been my boyfriend at the time, who's now my hubby. Yes, I do remember a time when I was packing and he was there with me and Mr. Kelly was on my bed watching.

I actually have a pic of Mr.Kelly standing next to my open suitcase....i should scan that and upload it here.  He was so cute.

About his passing, he actually died at home. My family said it was peaceful.

I'm just so happy that you got to speak with him and to know that he's well, it makes me feel happy. I somehow do have a feeling that he will come back to me. It's been 6 yrs now and I haven't had a pet since.  I do still travel, not as much as before though....and, well, I guess maybe someday in the future, when I can stay put for a while and have a big yard with a tree for him, who knows, maybe he'll just walk right in.

Thank you again....and it did help me a lot. Thanks !!!  :D

June 14, 2006, 10:07:53 PM
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Hi, Jan

Thank you for your reply.  It helps me a lot.  I did some calming exercises before the reading, but it still wasn't as accurate as I would have liked.  Thank you for letting me know.  I appreciate any response.


September 24, 2006, 11:56:03 PM
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Hi Jan.

I'm so sorry about Mr. Kelly.  What an absolute sweetheart.  He was adorable, and you can just feel his personality by looking at the photo.  I see that Anglau has spoken with him, but if you would allow me, I would love it, as well.

Mr. Kelly

Yes, hello. Why certainly. (To 'may we speak?')

[My first feeling was one of great bubbling excitement, but it turned to a very wise and proper feeling.  I'm not sure what I was picking up on.]

How are you, Mr. Kelly?
Oh, I'm quite fine, indeed.  

Are you happy in your spirit life? Or are you back on earth?
I am happy in my spirit life.  I made a brief stop back in the physical, but it was a temporary blessing for another who needed a respite?

Can you explain that to me?
Like your little one last year. (A cat I found.) There was suffering, and the soul needed respite.  I entered body to allow soul to feel unafraid to leave and then helped soul transition.

You sound like a very good soul yourself.
As we all are.  As we all are.  

I feel as though Jan was so very lucky to have you in her life.  It feels like you had quite a connection.  
Oh, yes, we did. I do miss her, and I know she still misses me, but I am an old, wise and experienced soul.  She needs to know that I am on the edge of her, around, around, around and she hears me at night, but she questions, but she should not.  No, she should not.  It is me she hears.

What does she hear.  
It's a creaking.  There's a little place on the floor where I used to lie. There is a little creak there.  Sometimes it creaks when she thinks it shouldn't.  But that is me letting her know that I am there, in her heart, lying where I should be, in her heart where it is warm.

I'm sure she's going to be very happy to hear that. She loves you and misses you so much, and she feels very regretful that she wasn't there in the physical to say her final goodbye to you.
Ahhhh, but she was.  It is not the physical realm that is the significant fortress of light.  It is just the fortress.  I felt her there.  I knew she was there.  I harbor nothing but love and light for her, for the years of love and caring and companionship she gave me.  My heart is so full of love for her.

I will tell her. Are there any things you can tell me about your life with her which will make it easier to validate that we connected on this level?
Hmmmm.  Let me think.  I was a little terror ;-) when I was a young lad.  Mischievous.  

Mischievous in what way?  What would you do?
Cans.  I would get into cans.

Like in the garbage?
No, trash was not my thing.  I only got the cans when there was something left to get.  

[I'm sensing this is something more, but I'm not tuning into it.]

Did you have a favorite food?

Canned food?
Yes, I liked canned food, but there was something else in cans.  It was something of hers.

Her food?
Yes.  Things I really wasn't suppose to eat, but did.

Were you okay?
Yes.  It harmed me none.

Okay.  Any favorite toys?
[I just got a vision that maybe the can thing is him playing with some sort of hairspray or something in your suitcase.]

I was indoor outdoor, but mostly indoor.  I liked to play near the curtains. [I see dark green curtains.]

Was the house dark?
Yes, very.  I liked to get behind the curtains to see outside.

Where did you sleep?
With my mom, of course.

[I feel like I'm talking to two different cats.]

Is there anything else you can tell me, or anything else you'd like me to tell your mom?
No, well, yes.  I did like to watch birds from behind the curtain.  And there was a toy with feathers that flew like a bird, which I was quite fond of.  

Thank you for that.  
Don't mean to be difficult.  I told you I was mischeivious.  

Yes you did.  Well, Mr. Kelly, I thank you for chatting with me.  I will let your mom know that you are still around and love her very much.
Yes, that it what is the truth of the matter.  Tell her we will be together again someday, but in the meantime, we are together in spirit and loving soul.

I will do so. Thank you, Mr. Kelly.
My pleasure.  

Hi Jan.

Okay, that was more than I bargained for.  I felt almost like I was speaking to two different entities.  The information was very strong, but I wasn't always sure it was coming from Mr. Kelly, or if he was just fooling around with me.  Did he have two distinct sides to him?  Was he very proper at times, but then could feel like he was a completely different cat at others?  I've not had this experience before.

Anyway, I'm not sure what he was trying to tell me about that cans, but he really wanted to talk about those cans.  Perhaps they mean something to you.

The bottom line is that he is there, around you, loving you and caring for you.  That part of the connection was so strong.  I didn't get into how or why he passed, I will read Anglau's communication and see if she touched on that.  

If there's anything else you can validate, I'd appreciate it.  This was a very unusual communication for me.  He came through very strongly.  He seems like he had such a dynamic personality.  

Know that he is there and you have nothing to regret. He loves you so.

(Oh, BTW, are you in England?)

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