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September 10, 2011, 03:39:57 PM
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A night ago I had a dream that featured a rattlesnake chasing me. I'm not scared of snakes, but I'd be scared if a rattlesnake was after me...
However, I thought it was meaningful because I have not had one thought about them in forever and the dream had nothing else at all, and doesn't feature anything that I could attribute to my waking life (as the brain sorts stuff out etc).

So, for a re cap first, I had an encounter with my spirit dolphin named Miko (shaman woman in japanese) thanks to a dolphin communication meditation audio recording...
Now firstly, the name meaning and the significance of that is obvious. I searched for the shaman beliefs about dolphin and discovered that amongst other things, dolphin is connected to communication by providing help with intuitive attunement to others, or something along those lines.
So that was significant on my AC and spiritual path.
Since that encounter, especially immediately after, my intuition was super accurate and synchronicity was all over my world! It is still more powerful than ever before.

Secondly, after that, I listened to a shaman woman who was being interviewed. The interviewer asked to be taken through the steps that go into a soul retrieval session. The shaman began by talking about how she would firstly call on the person's power animal/s. Just as she said that, a hawk flew into my minds eye. I was very surprised.
So I looked that up and turns out that hawk is related to observation, wisdom, courage, intuition, discernment.
Well, that was very relevant to me for many reasons within that time on my AC/spiritual journey.

Thirdly, a while ago when I was either falling asleep or meditating, a chestnut horse with a white blaze would appear for a moment or too. One time, I had an image of her approaching me and saying, 'just be', when I was getting frustrated during meditation.
A week ago I was meditating and asked for her to step forward so I could meet her properly. I sensed her feminine energy and got the name 'Benita'. I looked that up, it's of spanish origin (i recently readsomething about horses being 'tamed' by spanish settlers in the 1500's by the way), meaning, 'Blessed'. Well, I thought that was awesome. Then I looked up the shamanic meaning of horse:
power, safe travel, awareness of power achieved with true compliance, interspecies communication. When I read that part about interspecies communication I was mind blown. How very very relevant.

Okay so now I get to the rattlesnake:
"When rattlesnake appears it is a sign that the trials you are enduring are preparing you for your work as a healer."
Again, mind blown as I've just started reading about energy healing and practising on my cats. I seemingly healed a seroma Rosie had from her spey surgery overnight. It was supposed to take a week to go down with the possibility of surgery if not. I did one energy healing, having no real idea what I was doing, and bam!

SOOOO, RATTLESNAKE (I think, I mean still, could've just been a random, dream...right?) has come into my life and I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience or has some insight. Bigcaat, you probably do as a huna shaman...when you're free I'd really appreciate some insight!

thanks for reading/listening to me guys.
Namaste. The god in me honours the god in you.

September 24, 2011, 09:30:22 PM
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Okay, I have tried to respond to this at least 3 times. One time my whole post disappeared because my browser crashed after I got called away during the writing of it.

Rattlesnakes: Yes, healing. When I was first becoming a healer, I pulled a rattlesnake card from my "Power Animals" deck consistently. I look at it in the way that they shed their skin. They are constantly able to heal themselves through that. I haven't written one for snake yet, but I like this site:

It sounds as though all of your experiences right now are so dramatic and clear. That is so awesome. What a journey you must be starting. Make sure to listen to that podcast I recommended. There are some guided meditations that you can use for animals spirit guides. I'm so looking forward to following your stories on your transformational journey. What a gift.

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