Author Topic: Holly - my yorkie  (Read 6384 times)

December 03, 2007, 11:06:27 AM
Hello all! it's been a while but i'm back! this time, I've got a new yorkshire Terrier that came with the name Holly. She is a year old now and I would like to know what she's thinking.  She is a very VERY loyal dog and everyone in my house says she likes me the most. If anyone wants to practice, I would really like to know what she's thinking.  She has serious housetraining problems and always goes in my kitchen.  She will NOT be crate trained, she simply cries every time i put her in there.  I get two hours of sleep at the most.  If anyone could explain to her that I simply HATE when she doesnt go on the pad, maybe that will help her.  Please tell her that mommy and daddy love her very much, even though daddy does not live in my apartment.  I would appreciate anything else you get from her. Thanks sooo much!!!

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