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Welcome to the Animal Communication Forum. I created this board for student animal communicators to share their experiences and meet up with others for whom they can practice their animal communication skills and get their results validated.

To make a communication request, please post the name, age and description of your pet, and where they live.  If they have passed, please tell us how long ago.   If they are having a behavioral problem, please post a short question or description of the problem.  

Photos are also very helpful, not required, but extremely helpful.   In fact, requests with photos posted, I would guess, get answered more quickly because, I think, readers are more inclined to gravitate to them if they have that extra help that we as novices need.   If you need help posting a photo, you can find it here:

Please, do not post questions about critically ill pets. This board is for novices to practice their skills. They may not be qualified to deal with such serious issues.  

Please do not post questions about your animals in the "Professional Animal Communicators" section, as that section is reserved for experienced communicators to discuss among themselves, and to help the students with questions if they wish.

By posting on this forum you agree that you understand that communications are done by novice communicators, for practice.  DO NOT make life and death and/or critical decisions for your pets based on what is posted here.  

If you feel that it is imperative you get help from an experienced communicator, please see the Directory of Interspecies Communicators at:

Please, also, understand that the novice communicators on this forum are doing this when they have the time.  At times readings can be very prompt, other times, it will require you to have patience.  We work, we have personal issues come up and we read here when we can.  It is not a requirement for any of the communicators here.  We are not paid, we are simply practicing.  If that benefits you, the pet lover, in some way, we're very happy about that and we thank you for allowing us the honor of speaking with your beloved pets.  

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