Author Topic: Sorry I haven't been around  (Read 1312 times)

January 28, 2005, 12:31:24 PM
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Hi everybody.

I know there are a lot of people waiting for communications, and I want to apologize for not being around much, or doing many readings lately.

First it was the holidays, then a couple of weeks ago my husband got strep throat, that was on top of me hurting my back and having to hobble around to take care of him, and now we find that my little girl, Puma, has CRF.

We are thankful that it seems to be slow, but she had to go onto fluids this week and we've had bouts of having trouble getting her to eat.
Fortunately, the last couple of days have been pretty good.  Right now she's being mischeivious, crawling all over the desk.  She keeps wanting to sit on my powerbook, which is warm.  She will not be denied. :)

Anyway, I will try to get back to readings soon.  Thanks to Mary and Garf for doing some, as well. (Sorry if I missed anyone else who is doing them.)

My best,
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