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September 15, 2004, 02:14:03 PM
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You may have noticed that in the "Non-Communicators" section, I have now divided the  "Communication Requests" section into categories:  one for cats, one for dogs, and one for "other" animals such as parrots, horses, bunnies, ferrets, etc.  

I did this because we are fortunate enough to be getting a lot of requests now, and I thought it would be easier for communicators to zero in on the type of animal they feel is right for them at that particular time, and also to search back through for past readings.

If you have already posted to the original 'requests' board, your posts have been moved to the most appropriate section.

As usual, please feel free to offer suggestions or comments about what you think may make this board even better.  Thank you for your participation and your patience, as this board is a 'work in progress.' :-)

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