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July 30, 2005, 03:23:24 PM
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I'm a beginner at Animal Communication, but had some interesting successes at a class I took in March. I'd like to offer my horse, Juarez, for anyone who'd like to try and communicate with him. He's a Peruvian Paso, 18 years old, chestnut with a white blaze (actually, his registration papers say "star, stripe and snip") and right front and left hind socks. I'd be very interested to see what people get from him - go for it!
*Addendum - 8/4/05
Forgot to add the fact that he lives in Lodi, CA at a large boarding stable
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August 14, 2005, 06:44:45 PM
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Dear Marilyn,

    Hi!  I'm quite new to animal communication myself. I've taken 1 class and loved it, so I'm trying to gain practice.  Yours is only th esecond animal I've tried without a picture, so let's see how it goes!  I'm optimistic!  Please tell me what I did get right.  

   Thanks in advance for the practice with Juarez!  :)  I have to say, when I first introduced myself to him, I got the impression I startled him, but them he started sending info. fast. It was almost like he was answering before I finished the question!  (Has anyone worked with him before and said the same thing?) Well, let's see how much is correct and how much was my imagination!  :)

    "Juarez" -Male, 18 yrs, peruvian paso, chesthut with blaze:

    -I see a yellow bucket
    -"What are you like?"  Stubborn.
    -"You have to be something besides stubborn.  What else?"  Flirty.
    -Shows me there is a white horse within his view (from his stall?)
    -He has a green pad/small blanket to go on his back
    -Fly mask on his face.  The flies really bother him
    -"Do you like where you're at?"  Yes. I get apples!
    -"What do you think is special abot you?"  I see him bobbing his head  
       and neck up and down (does he do this?)  then I see him standing
       very still and breathing a big gust of wind out his nostrils
    -"What else do you like to do?" I got the word  Prance.  
    -"What outside do you like?"  Shows me he has a thick rope attached
      to him and 1 human who is grass feeding him
    - Do you ride western or english.  I got "Don't know"  I suspect
      english  though as in next scene I see a horse jumping over a fence
     -Shows me horses and riders juping over fences
     -"Can you name me a horse you like?"  I got Alexander
     -I got the name Jenny too as someone he likes (I'm not sure if she's human or animal though)  
      -"What are your dislikes?"  Being heeled inteh ribs.  "I'm a senstive horse." I hear.
      -Says he thinks your cute, he loves you
      -"What do you think abotu the food?"  I see him chewing it.
        I get the impressionhe has a good appetite
      -"Tell me something about you" Somethibg abotu spots.  Dapple spots?  On his hindquarters.  (I'm not sure of what this is/means)
      -"How do you feel?"  Strong.  
       -I see a hand rubbing the downward slope area just behind his ears. Over and over in teh same spot, back and forth. (Did he hit his head here?  Or is this done often for enjoyment?  I get it has soemthign to do with health or to alieve discomfort.  I'm not sure why he's showing me this.)
       -I see something like thick blue rope on teh inside wall of his stall
       -See him taking something in his teeth- a long thin loopy object (rope, bridle?) dragging it off somthing and dropping it to the ground
       -"How are you in the shower?" he takes it 'like a trooper'.

     How did we do?  I hope some of it makes sense???  I'm so keeping my fingers crossed!  Please let me know ASAP!  Thanks!

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August 14, 2005, 09:13:25 PM
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  Good job! You got alot of things right - I'll go through them one by one, and tell you what I think some of it means. I had an experience at a workshop where I communicated with him, and he did the same thing to me - started sending me information almost before I finished asking. I called a communicator I use occasionally, and she confirmed all the stuff I got from him that day.
1. Yellow bucket - not yellow, but he eats out of a large steel feeder. His water bucket is blue.
2. Stubborn - Oh, yes, he can be quite stubborn, but he's also a flirt -
3. He's in a dirt paddock, with an 8-10 foot wide aisle between two rows of paddocks. There's a grey/white Andalusian mare right across the aisle from him.
4. His saddle pad is green
5. Fly mask - that's interesting, because he always finds a way to get them off, so I've given up putting one on him.
6. Bobbing his head - occasionally, but when I turn him out and get him racing around the arena, he'll stop and stand still and look at me and do this loud snort.
7. Prance - he's a gaited horse, and if you weren't familiar with his gait, you'd probably call it prancing - high front leg action - very smooth!
8. He's in a dirt paddock because he gains weight just by breathing    :D so it's a treat for him when I walk him to a spot where he can eat grass - I always hold the rope because he took off on me once when I thought I could walk away while he was grazing.
9.I ride in both English and Western tack - I used to ride in a Peruvian saddle, which is more like Western, but it didn't fit him, and I promised him he wouldn't have to wear it any more. I wonder if he isn't a little confused about what he's supposed to be doing, since I've cut way back on our show schedule, which used to be 3-4 2-3 day shows every summer. The jumping might be that he can see horses jumping in the arena right behind his stall. He's not a jumper at all.
10. Don't know any horses named Alexander, or any humans or horses named Jenny that he'd have contact with.
11. Yes, he's sensitive - he's been having an attack of the lazies lately, so I've had to resort to some more forceful leg aids to get him to move - guess he's not enjoying it!
12. He does have a good appetite - too good!
13. He occasionally gets dapples on his hindquarters in the summer - doesn't have any right now.
14. I often massage his neck and poll, as he's appeared to have some stiffness/discomfort there, and I rub the base of his mane where he has "horsey dandruff" with some cream to get the hair to grow back.
15. Thick blue rope - don't know anything about that.
16. He takes his grain pan in his teeth and drops it when he's done with his treats.
17. He goes into the washrack reluctantly, but once there, he's very good, stands still for whatever I do with him.

So... excellent job! You read him really well!
"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle"

August 15, 2005, 04:44:46 AM
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    Hello!  I am so incredibly excited to hear I got some info. right! You know- I've got to learn to write everything and not edit.  After I had asked him if he were western or english- and go the "I' don't know" answer I saw the jumping horses.  I then asked, "Do you jump?"  And got a "no."

    I left it out of the conversation though because I thought to myself- that must be wrong. But I'm not going to change his answer- I'll just leave it out.  I gotta stop doing that!  And usually I'm so good about writing it all down.  Well, this will be one more expereince where I can say- even if it doesn't make sense- write it anyway- you might be right!  

    Also- I'd seen him lifting his legs high later in the chat, and he'd mentioned the "prancing" early on- so he musta shown me him prancing later on.  I wouldn't have known what to call it- I'm glad he gave me a word.

    (You see, I don't know much about horses.  I rode a little english and hunt seat jumping my first year of college for fym class, but that was it.  So I know very little).  

    I have to ask- what are "dapple spots?"  I got the words, yes, but Idon't know what they are.  Are they like fly bites or something?  Tha'ts funny- I always thought dappling was a body pattern only.

    Thanks so much! You and Juarez made my day!
"Look upon life as a mystery school.  Believe that the whole of your life- events, situations and people have been structured precisely in order to teach you exactly what it is you need to know right now."

August 15, 2005, 07:39:42 AM
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Hi, Danielle,
  I'm glad Juarez was so willing to talk to you (he's a good subject for this, because he seems to really like people, and he's a bit of a ham).
  I learned in the class I took never to disregard anything, no matter how wierd it seems, but it still is hard not to put your own interpretation on what you get from the animals - sort of a "this can't possibly be right" kind of feeling. You did get it right - you saw the jumpers in the arena near his stall, but he doesn't jump himself (I like my horse to stay close to the ground!)
  Dapples are, indeed a coat pattern - some people say dapples in the coat are a sign of good health. They often change when the winter coat grows in - when Juarez, who's a chestnut, gets dapples, it's just a pattern of slightly darker spots, about 1 inch in diameter, scattered around his hindquarters. He tends to get them more in the summer, then his coat evens out in color when his thick winter coat grows in.
  Good luck with your communication experiences - sounds like you're off to a good start!
"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle"