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April 25, 2011, 09:02:19 AM
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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've last been on here and I hope everyone has been ok.
I am posting on here to see if anyone is willing to help me with my parents cat Dweezil, he is just over a year old and lives in Derby in the UK.
Basically he has had a hard life in his short time and my parents and I are struggling to bond with him.
Questions I'd like to ask him are:
What is his favourite thing to do?
What scares him?
Why does he bite?
What can we do to make him happier?
and anything else you'd like to ask him that you think might help us to understand him more.
Here is a photo of him, below

any help you can offer would be greatly recieved and i'm sure he'd love to talk to someone who understands him.

May 24, 2011, 11:14:49 PM
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I have just seen this post and hope things have got better, as soon as I saw him he almost shouted at me I hate that name and said it a few times! The feeling I got was that it feels condescending to him.
I,m new at this so I will just say it as it came out.
I feel he doesn't trust humans and feels that they dont trust him and he feels this in the house, he cant work them out  they give some many conflicting messages!
The man says what is your problem? and I say its not mine!
He doesnt like loud noises
Nothing has been permant for him and where he is now feels the same and is having trouble settling in
There was something about his litterbox or where he pees as being too small
He likes to sit on the windowsill when the sun comes in
Is there a prob or soarness around his left shoulder?
about the biting  he said it keeps the humans away so they cant do anything to him and sometimes it hurts
The feeling I keep getting is that he dosen't know what to do around humans  is there another cat he can learn from?
Sorry its all over the place.

May 27, 2011, 11:47:02 AM
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Hi thankyou soo much for replying, he has been better over the past few days, more happy to be petted in particular. I'm surprised to hear that he doesn't like his name, is there a name he would prefer that would make him happier?
He is a very timid cat and does jump at loud noises, which is often with the noisey neighbours! and he is very timid of humans especially hands and his biting has made people timid of him too. Is there anything we can do to show him that we won't hurt him? Or is there a way he can show us when he wants to be petted?
He does spend his time between being outside in his pen and inside the house, is this what he means about not having consistancy? He's been a bit up and down about going outside recently and we were wondering if something was scaring him outside?
I believe he has 2 litter boxes on outside and one inside, I think the outside one is smaller so maybe getting a bigger one might help him.
He does love spending time on the windowsill where he likes to fall asleep, problem is he dozes off then goes to roll over in his sleep and falls off and feels very sorry for himself when he does.
I haven't been made aware of any shoulder problem but when I saw him last week he kept meowing at me and rolling on his side, I really thought he was trying to tell me something as he was only doing it to me and I was wondering if this maybe has something to do with it?
I can understand that biting keeps the humans away but what does he mean when he says it hurts? does he mean he doesn't like biting people or does he mean the people handle him too roughly, so he bites in response to that?
Currently there is no other cat he can learn from but if he felt he'd be happier with a cat companion then I would try to find out what I could do to help.
Thank you for all your help and look forward to hearing from you again soon, you did a really good job! I just really want him to be happy in his life and hate to think he is unhappy.

May 27, 2011, 06:50:20 PM
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Hi Kirsty I'm glad he is starting to settle in more, I will try to clarify more if I can, baer with me  :)
I still get a strong dislike for his name, as soon as I opened up this message  lol  maybe you could shorten it to a nick name or something. I feel that over time he will not bite as much it had become a defence  for him as I see hands hurting him, once he realizes that that is not going to happen again he will improve, Do you do reiki? I feel this will help him and also with his trust issues, time and patience, i also get the feeling that he missed alot of being a kitten and being soed , whether that was a blur for him or he just could not be a kitten I'm not sure I sort of feel his upbringing was fast .
I do feel he would benift from a stable balanced  cat or kitten in his life. I think that  spending time just sitting with him without trying to pat him will be good, sitting and talking, if he approaches and rubs on you then try a pat  just one pat and maybe just hold off trying to approach him for a pat, the consistancy I mentioned felt like to me that humans arent consistant like they appear friendley but then show otherwise, whether that was from the past or just that the uncertaintly he feels when being patted where he is now, and I understand that you dont wont to get biten so there maybe some apprehension that he picks up so thats why it might be better for a while to let him do the approaching, I hope this is making sense its hard to make words from whats in my head :-\  I get time and patience  good luck with the daer little sole!

May 28, 2011, 12:59:48 AM
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Hi Kirsty  just a quickie, this little cat keeps popping up in my head!  I was driving into town when he popped in again, are your parents used to having pets? i ask because the bit where you said he rolled over in front of you came up in my head and I felt like that he understands and connects to you more, just a thought.

May 29, 2011, 03:09:29 AM
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Hi, I am seeing my parents today so I will discuss all this with them, I know they call him Dweezy as a nickname but I don't know if he likes that either. I know the place they brought him from wasn't very proffessional and they were given him far to young and in a condition where the poor little guy was covered in fleas, he had already been separated from his mum who was outside and the poor little guy was trying to get to her and she was trying to get to him. I can understand why he doesn't like hands unfortunatly when my dad plays with him I feel he's a little too rough, which I think has something to do with our old cat likeing a bit of rough and tumble. I keep on telling him but wheather he takes it on board or not is anouther matter. I haven't done reiki but have studyed some of the methods of animal comunication and do spend alot of time trying to connect with him when I am on my own with him and I am the only one he has not bitten, though i have recieved some scratches in the past.
I do keep feeling that a companion would be good for him I keep getting a feeling about getting him a slightly older cat maybe from somewhere like the Cats Protection League.
My parents have owned cats in the past but recently they haven't had many, most of the pets they have owned were mine and they definatly don't have experiance of owning a cat that needs alot of care and attention, if I had my own place I feel that I would take him from them as I feel that I could benefit him more and connect to him more which is why I greatful that you can provide someone he can reach out too when I'm not there and why I think a companion would be beneficial for him too.