Author Topic: Dream? message? or....??  (Read 1544 times)

April 01, 2012, 06:55:08 AM
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A little over a week ago I woke after an unpleasant dream.

I was submerged in shallow problem.
Then a cry from a troubled cat---young, maybe a kitten.
by 4 the next afternoon,  I realized that my cat has been out much too long and set out to find him.
No luck.
There's a shallow temporary creek behind the house that was pretty full and flowing pretty fast.
........You guessed it,  I followed the creek for quite a ways expecting the worst.
Two nights later I had a half-dream and a dream both involving my cat.

the half dream was just a short  'clip' of my cat --[in good health]--walking across a fenced no distress at all.

the dream:  I was out somewhere in a neighborhood and a very fit  very confident,  handsome white  cat with a spike haircut  comes near......It's my cat after  "they"  gave him a makeover.....and he assures me he is doing just fine......and having fun.