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December 14, 2011, 07:37:38 AM
Hello all animal lovers,
i would like totake this time to share a bit of happiness. A while ago there was a traveling exhibit with Bengal tigers that came to my hometown and I was contacted by Big Cat Rescue to try to see if I could help find something illegal or unlawful. Well long story short, I didn't find anything but I will help them try again but I did write a poem about my favorite animal titled Teacher. It is still on Big Cat Rescue's website. the link is here but I have put the poem below. Enjoy!!


Eyes that dazzle and see into my soul to light a fire that does not burn,
Individual in yourself yet part of the world,
You’ve taught me to see my own stripes and the pattern I will leave for others to envy.
I will walk the labyrinth you’ve left for me guided by your stripes which compliment those I have earned.
So strong you roar for me
I show my gratitude by speaking for you so
We both can purr on the inside.

December 15, 2011, 09:40:42 AM
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Beautiful. :)

Thank you for sharing. :)
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