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July 17, 2009, 02:30:39 PM
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Key words:
-- Adaptability, Cleverness, Family, Devotion, Cooperation, Teamwork, Survival, Curiosity

When Coyote crosses your path:
-- Ease up. Stop taking things so seriously.
-- Stop complicating things. Don't try to fight the situation, adapt to it.
-- Don't berate yourself for mistakes, learn from them. Accept wisdom learned as a gift.

Think about Coyote:
Cleaver and adaptable, the coyote survives.  When hunting, they hunt in pairs, using a relay cooperative effort. One chases while one rests. Their family unit is close-knit and many mate for life. They look out for and protect each other, yet they are playful and want to have fun. While looked at as a pest by many, coyotes still have a sociable nature, wit and cleverness.

Use Coyote Medicine to:
-- Move beyond embarrassment of foolish acts
-- Become more sociable and accepting of your child within
-- Accept your idiosyncracies with humor, rather than shame
-- Find the wisdom from your mistakes or missteps[/li][/list]

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