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August 07, 2008, 01:19:07 PM
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Walrus: Physical Closeness, protection, paying attention.
Use walrus energy when you feel the need for more physical affection, and when you need to be more aware of your physical surroundings. 

Walrus is an interesting animal. Gregarious and physically social, Walrus is slow moving, and sometimes clumsy, (they can accidentally trample their calves) on land but at home in the water. 

Walrus medicine teaches us to be aware of our surroundings, yet not to be so cautious as to push those around us away.  Walrus can teach us that we, too, are social animals and that we not only need others for physical protection, but for hugs, comfort and to keep us grounded.

Moving effortlessly in the water, Walrus can teach us to ‘ride the emotional’ waves inevitable in our lives, to pick our battles wisely, when in defensive mode, and that as long as we are close to the people we love, we will be protected from a cold and lonely heart.
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August 09, 2008, 05:40:33 PM
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