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by Lisa Larson Coming to the realization that it will soon be time for your fur-child to move onto the other side is one of the hardest things we, as committed and loving pet parents, can go through. As a long time animal communicator, whose specialty is speaking with animals in spirit, there are things […]

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I was blessed with the opportunity to be unexpectedly interviewed by John Edward last week. He asked me to give him 3 things someone could do once they have lost an animal. I will give 12 here. Some are for the benefit of the person, some the benefit of the other animals in the house, […]

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~~ he world of animal communication is experiencing a boom. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, not everyone who takes that jump is qualified to do so. More and more the internet has been flooded with people calling themselves “pet psychics”. But what is a pet psychic, and more importantly, what is the […]

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HOW TO INTRODUCE A NEW CAT INTO A HOUSEHOLD WITH ANOTHER CAT Many people come to me with the question of how to introduce a new cat into the household where there is an existing cat. It’s a time that can determine, Make sure during that time that you spend plenty of time in the […]

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CONNECTING & BECOMING PROFESSIONAL and to be confident enough that when they are saying ‘no’, you can know when or when not to say … “Yes!” There’s a strength in the things that I feel. Some things are a weaker feeling, where I know I may be on the periphery of something, but I’m not […]

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Do you have dogs? If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to this: DO NOT FEED DOGS RAISINS OR GRAPES. You can also see this posting on Snopes. ******** It appears that raisins and grapes are to dogs what lilies are to cats: Keep your babies safe. Learn what is toxic to your pet.

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Someone asked advise about getting a cat for the first time: Here are some salient points every cat parent should be aware of: __ Hey! Congrats on your new cat. Here are some tips to remember: 1. Keep all lilies out of the house. They are highly toxic and can kill your cat within days. […]

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Occasionally I see a new person on twitter saying the same things I did when I first started twittering. “What do you do with this thing?” “It seems so useless.” “What do I write?” What follows is a conversation I had with my husband over the first couple of days I started twittering. Him: We […]

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ASK CAAT Question: Sometimes I get confused when I talk to my guinea pigs since i have two is it possible to talk to both of them at the same time? You can talk to two animals at the same time. It’s funny sometimes because, sometimes I’ll be talking to one animal and the other […]

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ASK CAAT Question: “I find that I have fears of being clairvoyant. And it’s kind of odd as to what I’m afraid of. With animals, I have no problem attempting to communicate with one who has passed on. But I find that I have fears of seeing people who have passed on. I’m sure that […]

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