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CONNECTING & BECOMING PROFESSIONAL and to be confident enough that when they are saying ‘no’, you can know when or when not to say … “Yes!” There’s a strength in the things that I feel. Some things are a weaker feeling, where I know I may be on the periphery of something, but I’m not […]

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Dreamhealer Workshop Review Los Angeles, March 7, 2010 by Lisa Larson This weekend I attended the long awaited return of Adam Dreamhealer – – to Los Angeles. This consisted of exercises of how to expand our aura, and how to merge it with others in the room. When the first treatment began, the energy […]

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No more clear indication that there are, indeed, past lives and that animals are sentient.

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Do you have dogs? If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to this: DO NOT FEED DOGS RAISINS OR GRAPES. You can also see this posting on Snopes. ******** It appears that raisins and grapes are to dogs what lilies are to cats: Keep your babies safe. Learn what is toxic to your pet.

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