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THE OWL WHISPERER You will not find a better book on the love of animals this year, than Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl. One of the fascinating things about “Wesley” is the transformation you see the author, Stacey O’Brien, going through — from a very scientific, analytical […]

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RED Key words: Life, energy, enthusiasm, vitality, passionate, intense, desire, anger, danger. Red is the color of roses … and the color of apples … and the color of … blood! Yikes! But while our initial vision of blood might be the gore we see in the movies, when you think about it, all of […]

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ASK CAAT Question: “I find that I have fears of being clairvoyant. And it’s kind of odd as to what I’m afraid of. With animals, I have no problem attempting to communicate with one who has passed on. But I find that I have fears of seeing people who have passed on. I’m sure that […]

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I have a friend who is parting with a large collection of tarot cards and books in a lot. If anyone is interested, please contact skyword at sbcglobal dot net. *** You can see an additional picture on my forum. Tarot Decks & Sets: Many cards are still in plastic or shrink wrapped inside box. […]

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We have a new feature: Interviews with professionals. We are so fortunate to have our first interview with one of the most well-known and well-respected communicators in the field: Marta Williams. Marta has written three books: Learning Their Language, Beyond Words, and Ask Your Animal. I have only read her first book, Learning Their Language: […]

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BLUE Key words: Cool, dispassionate, peace, contentment, heaven, truth, loyalty, sincerity, harmony, ‘as above, so below.’ There is no greater calming force than to sit on a beach and gaze at the vastness of the ocean meeting the freedom of the the sky. Even though there appears to be a dividing line of color at […]

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