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PURPLE Key words: Spirituality, insight, intuitiveness, royalty, sacred connection to the divine. Visualize a rainbow. At the far end of the spectrum is purple. It’s also the color that is least seen when the rainbow is weak and incomplete. We can equate this with our own spirituality. When our own energy field is weak, we […]

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We saw James Van Praagh at a book signing last night, for his new book Ghosts Among Us I don’t ever watch the Ghost Whisperer, but he was really interesting. I knew a lot of what he talked about, but he was pretty down to earth and had some interesting stories. But the bigger thing […]

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While I don’t think any form of electronic tarot is particular effective as a true divinatory tool, if I had an iPhone, I’d lay out the two bucks for this just for the fun of it. You can buy and download a copy through the iTunes store. (*Note: this link will open up iTunes on […]

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Steps to getting started in your first communications 1. CENTER YOURSELF — Close your eyes, take at least three deep breaths. With each exhale, imagine all negative energy draining out the bottom of your feet and disintegrating in the earth below. With each inhale, imagine breathing in pure white light from the universe. As all […]

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