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Yellow is the color of the 3rd (solar plexus) chakra. This chakra allows us to direct our personal power. The symbol (and tarot card) associated with yellow is “The Sun.” So, think about how you feel when the sun soaks into your skin on a beautiful day. It’s warm and inviting, making you feel light-hearted, […]

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Tarot Inspired Reflection For the week of Jan. 27. 2008 The King of Pentacles is a person who has become defined by nothing more than his or her earthly existence. S/he is so focused on material wealth that, in the vein of “Chauncy Gardniner” (a character in the film “Being There”) s/he has ‘left the […]

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Hook a Canuck to get free health care: You can find the original at:

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Tarot Reflection for the Week of Jan. 20, 2008 Once again we have the two of cups. Things are so divisive in the world, the fact that we are all connected, on some level, can’t help but affect us. It affects our relationships with strangers, our co-workers, our family, but most importantly — ourselves. Sometimes […]

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A question was asked about identifying with court cards. Answer: Personally I relate to the Knight of Cups, even though I’m female. I find this person to be outgoing, friendly and sensitive. I feel as though I am genuine and and I’m an emotional person. I feel like the Knight of Cups embodies all of […]

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Black is not a color, it’s the absence of color. Black absorbs light, light creates color. Black is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is ruled by the element of earth and is structured, disciplined and responsible. It can also be limiting. When interpreting black in a card, consider not only the aspect or item that is […]

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Tarot Reflection for the week of Jan 13, 2008 8 of Pentacles Life is tough. Sometimes we need to step back, take a break and assess what we have accomplished in our lives. It may not be everything you had hoped for, but at some point you need to understand that you are a productive […]

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Root Cause of Addiction “If you’ve got bad news, you want to kick the blues…cocaine.” This line from a song by J.J. Cale expresses the feelings and actions of many Americans today, yet the word cocaine can be substituted with the word pot or alcohol or food or sex or gambling or a number of […]

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Tarot Inspired Reflection for the week of Jan 6, 2008 It’s a new year, time for not only looking towards where you are going, but reflecting on where you have been. For, without knowing and learning from the past, how can you make your future the most fulfilling it can be? At times, we find […]

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