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Taking Responsibility Like Juliet, at some point you will wake from a long sleep. Let 2008 be the year in which you do that. We tend to go through life, sometimes unsatisfied, sometimes unaware: unaware of our surroundings and our own mental state. Now is the time for transformation. Like the butterfly, we only have […]

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Perceptions of Spirituality “To ride on a broomstick and fly: combine belladonna leaves, stramonium, munkshood, and celery seeds to make an ointment. Add one toad and boil until the skin falls off the bones. Strain and apply the ointment to the body.” This seventeenth century formula, as told by Jeanne Rose in her book “Herbs […]

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Health and Giving The message this card is giving me for this Christmas week is the idea that what is really important about Christmas is not the giving and getting of gifts, which has become such a commercial obsession in this country (the U.S.), but the sharing of ourselves. This is a time to appreciate […]

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